Workouts, eats, and sweets.

And another weekend has come and gone… I wish I could say that I did something really fun or exciting this weekend, but I only really left the house to go to the gym and I didn’t wear anything but sweats and pjs. Anyway…here’s a recap of my workouts, eats, and sweets.



10 mile treadmill run – Miles 1-4 at an 8:35 pace, miles 5-10 alternating between 7:35 and 8:35.




I didn’t have a lot of time, so I did a 27 minute Fitness Blender cardio workout (I can’t remember which one it was now).


6 mile treadmill run at an 8:35 pace

15 minutes stair climber on fat burner level 14 (this was not fun)

15 minutes elliptical on random setting level 13 (hard effort using more arms than legs)


Friday morning pancakes…blueberries inside and strawberries outside.



Fun fact: Annabelle LOVES blueberries and she will eat an entire container in one sitting if you let her.

Working from home = pjs and Starbucks (Chris is nice enough to always go get me one :))


Chicken salad with almonds on a pretzel roll…bbq chips on the side.


Annabelle’s dinner: chicken, strawberries, and cucumbers



Well, after lunch on Friday lots of candy happened. I probably ate about 8-10 Hershey’s Hugs and one Resse’s Peanut Butter Heart. I think this may have attibuted to my tummy troubles during and after my 10 mile run that evening.

And it wouldn’t be a weekend in my life without some of the good stuff…this bowl was filled with two kinds of Ben and Jerry’s (Milk and Cookies and Half Baked).


Random Weekend Pics

We finally got a decent sized snow storm. It started around 10 am on Saturday and didn’t stop until sometime during the night.


The weather was beautiful on Sunday…sunny and close to 40 degrees. 40 degrees compared to sub zero temperatures = summer time. Everyone was out and about without coats on. I even got my chai latte iced to celebrate the day. Don’t worry, we are back to winter tomorrow with a low of 1 degree. Awesome.


My love 🙂


What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

Best workout?

Are you watching the Oscars tonight?

It must have been my new shirt.

Happy Friday!!!

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning!

She is always so happy in the morning. ❤

Since my work had a 2 hour delay, I had a leisurely morning and ate breakfast at home instead of at work. I was so nice to not be rushing around. I had maple and brown sugar oatmeal with blueberries and it hit the spot.

Since it’s an ice rink outside (and the wind chill makes it feel below 0), I did my track workout on the treadmill. I NEED to make my treadmill workouts interesting or I get super bored.

Treadmill Track Workout

I started with a one mile warm up at an 8:50 pace and then moved onto 8 x 800m with a 400m recovery jog in between. (FYI…800 meters is half of a mile and would be 2 times around an outdoor track) 🙂

I increased my speed with each 800 and I was definitely feeling it during those last 2 sets. I think my new Brooks running shirt made me run faster.

After my workout, I enjoyed some chicken and veggies…

and a yogurt with a crumbled up chocolate chip cookie added to it. Try it, you will thank me.

Tonight’s plans are dinner and movie…on our couch! Stay warm if you are dealing with super cold temps!

What is your favorite brand of running clothes?

What are you having for dinner?

An ancient treadmill.

The only treadmill available at the gym yesterday was ancient.

Normally, I wouldn’t have an issue with this, but the treadmill’s speed (and probably mileage) was off. It was also frustrating that I could not see the time and mileage at the same time. I really wish I had the Boston Marathon Treadmill now…

I don’t really know how many miles I did and how fast my 800s were, but I ran for 50 minutes and did the following:

1 mile warm up
6 x 800m with 400m active recovery
10 minutes at a 2% incline

I got super sweaty and left high on endorphins… Run success!

Throughout much of my run, I was thinking about this. Chicken salad with grapes on a pretzel roll = heaven.

Once I was finished lunch, I moved on to thinking about dinner. Anybody else always thinking about food? 🙂 I met my parents and Annabelle after work and we headed to Panera Bread. I absolutely love their Autumn Squash soup and wanted to get it before it’s gone next week. I also had the chicken Cobb salad with avocado.

I found this gem a few stores down from Panera and I wanted to buy everything. New Balance has some really cute running apparel and it’s pretty affordable. Hi mom, I’ll be sending my Christmas list soon.

And of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without this.


Happy Friday!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Workout Recap: 10/8-10/13

After the Ragnar Relay, I took 2 days off to relax and rest. It felt great, but I was more than ready to get moving again.

Tuesday, 10/8
6 miles

Rocked my Ragnar gear of course.

Wednesday, 10/9
6 miles with Molly 🙂

Thursday, 10/10
It was a very rainy and cold day, so I did a workout in the basement.

Repeated for 40 minutes
50 jumping jacks
30 high knees
10 burpees
10 walking push-ups
30 sit-ups
15 tricep dips
1 minute plank

Since I hadn’t done any strength training in a while, this hurt the next day.

Friday, 10/11
Yasso 800s on the treadmill

1 mile warm up, 6×800 m with 400 m recovery jog in between, 1 mile cool down. (800m equals .5 mile or two times around the track and 400m is .25 mile or one time around the track).

My 800s looked like this…


Total of 6.5 miles.

Saturday, 10/12
8 slow miles


I’ll be taking it easy this week because I have a big weekend coming up! The Runner’s World Half and Festival where I will be running the hat trick (5k and 10k on Saturday and a Half marathon on Sunday)!!! I’m so excited!

Do you have a race coming up?
Do you like speed work?

I just do not like the treadmill.

I woke up this morning and headed straight to the gym.  I’ve found that if you wait too long, life gets in the way and it makes it harder to get there.

I wore my Pure Flows to the gym (I really wanted to run outside but I really can’t take the bitter cold and wind any longer) and planned on getting in at least 6 miles.  Let me tell you, I REALLY do not like treadmill running.  I really tried to just zone out and get it done, but I couldn’t do more than 5 miles.  Not only do I just stare at the time constantly, I feel that running on the treadmill changes my stride and I run differently than I do outside.  Either way, I could only handle 5 miles but at least I got that much in.

I walked for the first few minutes, ran at a 9:13 pace for 4 miles and ran at an 8:34 pace for the 5th mile.  I’m still working on getting my pace back.  It is harder than I thought it would be…


I also did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then did 3 rounds of this:

  • 15 pushups
  • 30 crunches
  • 15 tricep bar dips
  • 30 bicycle abs
  • 15 tricep dips
  • 30 second plank

My dad came up this evening to see Annabelle and help out.  We had a much better day than yesterday and AB took several long naps and I even took one with her.  It’s really hard to move her if she falls asleep on me :).


Annabelle was really happy to watch the Orioles win their first game of the season!  Daddy dressed her again today, but at least the O’s onsies are finally relevant.


Did you see those arm rolls?!?!

Dinner was quick and easy and from the freezer…grocery shopping needs to happen tomorrow.

005 006

I’m hoping AB sleeps well tonight because I plan on early morning yoga and some gym time.  Have a great night everyone!

BTW, do any of you watch Splash?  I find it highly entertaining.

What do you think?

Do you love or hate the treadmill?

What did you have for dinner tonight?