I really wish we could open our windows…

It’s VERY COLD in PA right now (like -25 degree wind chills this past weekend) and it seems like everybody is passing around sickness. The day after Annabelle and I returned from Florida, she came down with the stomach bug…in her crib. She is finally feeling better, but it was a rough couple of days and I feel like our house might smell until Spring. TMI? Oh well.

Poor thing 😔



On Saturday evening, I started getting that feeling. I knew the bug was coming for me next. Saturday night and Sunday were pretty rough, but I’m feeling pretty good now. Now we just wait to see if Chris gets it…fingers crossed his couple beers a day keep the stomach bug away. LOL, I made that up myself.

To add to our fun weekend of sickness, we came home to a laundry room full of water today. Luckily, a quick fix to our water heater was all that was needed and we are enjoying hot water this evening.

They already closed my work tomorrow. Snow day!!!!


Have you been sick yet this winter?

Do you have snow where you live? How much?

Falling asleep in her chicken nuggets.

Annabelle was pretty clingy and cranky when I got home from work today. I could tell that her nose was a little stuffy (and that whole teething thing is still going strong), but she seemed ok. She was in her high chair eating her dinner and the next thing I knew, she was snoozing. PS this was at 6:30 pm.

I let her sleep for a little while…I ate dinner and did the dishes. She woke up as I was getting her out of the chair and she was not happy about it. After a quick bath, she was asleep in her crib by 7:30. Poor baby, I hope she feels better tomorrow. 🙂

AB hasn’t gone to bed this early for a long time, so I wasn’t really sure what to do with this extra time. This is how I spent my evening:

– played with Molly outside (I took the baby monitor with me and we were just right out front)

– FOAM ROLLED! I have some major soreness in both butt cheeks and this was a very painful rolling session.

– Big Brother! Double eviction night was crazy!

– Watched the Orioles win!
Random food pictures (I know you have been waiting for these!)

Snack time! Vanilla Greek yogurt with fresh raspberries. So, so good. I don’t like raspberrie flavored things, but I like the actual fruit.

Dinner time! Spinach and cheese ravioli with carrots and asparagus on the side.


Oh yea…I ran today too. Shocker, I know :-). I did a 5 mile treadmill run with an average pace of 8:12. My left hamstring/butt is starting to make trouble, so hopefully the foam rolling will help.

Almost the weekend!

Have you ever fallen asleep at the dinner table?. Yes! I think it was at a Bennigans!

Favorite yogurt flavor and mix-in? Strawberry and granola!

Happy 1st Birthday Annabelle!

One year ago today, we met this little girl and it was love at first sight.


This past year has flown by and I can’t believe our little baby is a one year old!

We had big plans for today, but poor Annabelle came down with a cold and a fever. 😦 We went to the doctor early this morning and spent the rest of the day relaxing at home.



She slept on and off all day and is asleep in her crib now. I hope she feels better soon…it breaks my heart.
I can’t wait to tell you all about her birthday party we had on Saturday!