Summer 2015 Recap

Internet world, it’s been many months since my last post. Man, I am great at this whole blogging thing. 😉 Since I want to remember what we did this Summer…and Fall…and Winter (and I hope some of you would like to see too), here’s a look at our Summer!  And since this is technically a running blog, I will also recap my running adventures soon. 🏃

Memorial Day weekend trip to Ocean City, MD


Dinner with my best girls from high school (we missed you KJ)

Fun in the sun!  


Weekend trip to Ocean City


Go Oriole’s!!!


Baby Ballerina class. She finally loved it at the end of the 7 week class. 😊


4th of July in Rock Hall, MD with Aunt Janice and Uncle Gren


Hersheypark Happy!!!


Saying goodbye to Grandses and Poppy 😔


Another trip to the beach!


Ragnar Relay Colorado!

Hersheypark again!


Outer Banks with the Seiferts, Lauren, Rob, Lincoln, and Kate!  So much fun. 


Lots of hours spent on the playground!


And look at that, it’s almost Summer again!

Oriole’s Magic and chocolate.

Happy Weekend! If you aren’t a baseball fan and you think the game is slow and boring, tune into the playoffs. The games have been insane! My Baltimore Orioles are making magic and lead the series 2-0. 🙂

We went to Game 1 last night and it was amazing.



Chris’ “official” Cal Car Ripken jersey. 🙂

Chocolate…I had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast…

A hot fudge sundae after dinner (it was very tiny in my opinion)…

And now my kitchen smells like these babies. Yup, those are peanut butter filled chocolate chips. :-))))

Don’t worry, I did manage to fit in a 45 minute Tabata workout today. Fitness Blender on YouTube is my new favorite quick workout to do in my basement. I also washed down all of that chocolate with a healthy lunch. 🙂


Are you a baseball fan? Which team?

Favorite chocolate dessert?

What is your workout for tomorrow??

Running + baseball = a good day.

Annabelle didn’t sleep well last night and then she woke up for the day at early o’clock. Even though today was a planned rest day, I couldn’t resist taking her for an early morning run on the NCR trail. It was a great morning for a run and I ended up with my fastest stroller run to date (I have a BOB!). 🙂


After a trip to Starbucks and the grocery store, we headed home to wake up Chris (he slept in big time). Next on the agenda, AB’s first trip to Camden Yards to see the Orioles play!

Annabelle is a very energetic and lively little thing (AKA Annabellion), so we didn’t know how she would handle sitting in the stands. I think we spent a few innings in our seats and that was plenty for her. Lady who sat in front of us, I’m sorry that Annabelle kicked you a few times. She didn’t mean it, I promise. 🙂

We ventured around and took some fun pictures…



…and then headed inside to a nice, air conditioned restaurant for lunch. I ordered a salad topped with berries and walnuts and rounded off my meal with sweet potato tots. They were the best $8 tator tots I’ve ever had.


After walking around for a bit, we called it a day. Annabelle was a good sport and I think she will enjoy going to the ballpark more when she older.

Chris and I are ending this Sunday in a great way…pizza, Big Brother, and ice cream!

PS I am only eating dessert on weekends now and I didn’t have any yesterday. So yes, I will consume a hefty amount tonight.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Baseball fan? Favorite team?

Sweet potato or regular potato?

Cheese or pepperoni pizza?

I feel it already.

You know that feeling when you haven’t strength trained in 3 weeks and then you jump back into a workout ( i.e., a very challenging release of body pump) at the same weight you were using before… That’s me right now. My muscles don’t actually hurt yet, but that spot on my upper back where the bar rests, man is that sore right now. I know I’ll be feeling my quads and chest in the morning…and yes, I like that feeling. 😉
My afternoon snack was amazing today! Sea salt is really popular these days.

Fast forward through work and my hour and fifteen minute commute home, and we have dinner. I LOVED dinner tonight…Chicken and vegetable scramble with a side of potato puffs.

I used Perdue Short Cuts…

And this amazing product from Alexia.

First, I cooked tomatoes, carrots, and spinach and then added the chicken to warm it through.

Next, I added the eggs and scrambled. I used 4 whole eggs and 2 egg whites and this made 3-4 servings.

Once the egg was cooked through, I served with a side of potato puffs and an Honest Fizz “soda”.

The rest of my evening was spent chasing around Annabelle (aka Annabellion) and then cleaning up the destruction she leaves behind. 🙂


Now if these Orioles would just win this ball game…

Favorite way to eat eggs?

Favorite baseball team?

Anybody else sore from today’s workout?

Tempo too fast and the best salad dressing.

Happy Tuesday! The weather is finally changing and the sun is shining! I hope you are having nice weather too. 🙂

We had pretty nice weather yesterday as well, so we did our tempo run outside during lunch. Yes, it’s awesome that I can run on my lunch break. 🙂

The plan called for a 1 mile warmup followed by 5 miles @ a 7:38 pace. We pretty much just picked up the pace and ran on feel and ended up running faster than we needed to.


I was so ready for lunch when I got back to my desk. I enjoyed every last bite of this big salad and the secret ingredient…guacamole as salad dressing. I simply mixed it all together and the guacamole covered everything and it was amazing.

Some random stuff from yesterday:

O’s Opening Day! Yay for baseball season!

Love her stink face

Are you a baseball fan? What is your favorite team?

Favorite salad dressing?


The baby is in bed and I finally got some time to blog…and watch the O’s game.  They are officially out of the playoffs.  😦


Now for some “Knock, knock, knock, HOUSEKEEPING!”  I really should stop writing posts while I am sleep deprived.  🙂

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Have a great night!

Running…it’s different everyday.

I tried out a new Kashi bar for breakfast yesterday morning. I like anything that tastes similar to a candy bar.

I chased it down with a banana. 🙂

My lunch time run was a 6.2 mile course that I have run so many times before. It felt like I was running up a mountain at all times yesterday. I’m guessing Tuesday’s body pump class didn’t help matters, but the run was HARD! We did manage an overall pace of sub 8, but I was so fatigued at the end. Running always keeps you on your toes…or your heels if you are a heel striker. 🙂 My toes were covered with my new Feetures socks yesterday…love them!

Once I got back to my desk and let my runner’s stomach settle (ps runner’s stomach is when you have a long, hard, or just any old run and your stomach is jacked up afterwards…no fun), I had some Mac and cheese and grapes for lunch. I was too lazy ran out of time to make lunch, so I grabbed this Back to Nature microwave stuff. It was pretty darn good.

My evening was spent perfectly…dinner with my mom, a bowl of ice cream, and Honey Boo Boo.

Ok, the night would have been more perfect if the O’s could get their act together!

What is your workout for today? Cross-training.

Do you watch Honey Boo Boo? If the answer is no, you are missing out.

Monday Funday! {snapshots}







Fun Things Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

1. Casual Friday = jean capris and flip flops. BTW, that sweater was $3.73 and it is from Gap.


2. I love sitting at my desk and seeing Kelly go from working quietly…


…to snapping her fingers and chair dancing.


She is moving cubes on Monday and I will be staring at an empty chair all day long :(.

3. Lunch at Panera Bread with my cousin Carrie.


Strawberry Poppy Seed Chicken Salad and an iced green tea.

4. Afternoon Bikram class…my idea of Happy Hour!


5. Seeing Annabelle smile at me when I get home from work…it’s the best feeling in the world. She loves her rainforest play mat. I could hear her squealing from outside. 🙂


6. Spending the evening relaxing and watching the O’s game.


What do you think?

What made you happy today?

Are you running this weekend?

I would love to…but I think I am going to rest a few days more.

My First Mother’s Day!

I really hadn’t even thought about Mother’s Day from a mom’s perspective until this year.  I have the best Mom in the world and I have always enjoyed honoring her on this day.  It was really fun to celebrate the day as a new mom and I can’t wait for all of the future Mother’s Days I will celebrate with my family.

Since it was “my day”, I started my day with one of my favorite activities…a workout!  Since we had brunch reservations at 11 am, I hit the gym around 8:30.  My workout consisted of a full body weight training circuit (i.e., shoulder presses, chest presses, bicep curls, tricep dips, lat pull downs, squats, and abs) and 25 minutes on the elliptical.

Once I showered (of course I didn’t leave myself time to blow dry my hair…as usual) and got Annabelle ready, we headed to the Milton Inn for brunch.


The Milton Inn is a gorgeous 272 year old building and the food is amazing.



We had dinner here for our anniversary last year :).  BTW, I want my hair to be that long again.


For brunch, we got to choose an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert.


Linda – Seasonal berries with honey and a homemade biscuit

Chris – Cream Chipped Beef (Do you like this stuff?  I think people either love it or they hate it.)


Linda – French toast, apple-wood smoked bacon, seasonal fruit

Chris – Crabmeat omelette, potatoes, green beans, and fruit

Chris’ leftovers…those huge chunks are crabmeat.  It was amazing.



Linda – flourless chocolate cake

Chris – cheesecake


Such a lovely Mother’s Day brunch :).  Good job Chris and AB!

It was present time once we got home.  I love presents!


I got 3 cards (one from AB, one from Chris, and one from Molly) flowers, an Oriole’s sweatshirt, and $30 in Starbucks cards.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  Annabelle and Molly know just what I like :).

Even though I am a mother now, I still have a Mom and I of course wanted to spend some time with her.  My Mom and Dad came up to our house and we headed out to dinner…but first, more presents!

My gifts from my parents were a pair of flip-flops (you can NEVER have too many pairs), a very pretty mother and baby figurine, and this scarf.


I should have taken a picture of my bottom half too.  I was wearing khakis and navy blue Toms and my cube mate Kelly informed me that I looked very “nautical.”  🙂

I gave my mom a gift bag full of fun little stuff…chocolate animal crackers, some protein/luna bars, 3 Musketeers candy bars, hand cream, nail buffer, and chapstick.  Annabelle gave her this awesome present…her feet look so big!


Dinner was at one of our go-to spots, the Texas Roadhouse.


This may be my new favorite picture…


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day…I sure did.  🙂