Sentence per picture.

This is been a very busy work week and I’m so ready for the weekend! Since I’m exhausted, here’s a lazy (but thrilling) post. πŸ™‚

Yesterday’s yummy breakfast.

Last night (and tonight’s) dinner. I really love BBQ chicken pizza.

Last night (and tonight’s and every other night) dessert. I just can’t stop dessert…I need an intervention.

My favorite little girl. ❀

Face mask…I just realized this is still on and it’s been on for way too long.

Snow day for Annabelle and Molly!

Enjoy your Friday!

A few words per picture.

Happy Friday! It’s been a long week and I’m happy to welcome in the weekend. πŸ™‚

I can’t get enough pancakes…


and this loaded sweet potato meal. It really is sooo good.

Last night’s dinner…do you like Brussels sprouts? Annabelle does not.

Our first snowfall of the season.


First hot chocolate and marshmallows of the season. πŸ™‚

It’s been 2 weeks since Halloween and I had my first piece of candy this afternoon. It started with a mini Twix and a mini Milky Way. Next up were these babies…

I ended the candy eating binge with a full size Twix bar. Ugh.

Once I was done working for the day, I spent an hour with Jillian Michaels to balance everything out. Maybe all of that candy will be good fuel for my 20 mile run tomorrow morning???

What’s the best thing you ate today?

Who else is getting up to run in the freezing cold tomorrow? Please come run with me!

A day in my life.

Get ready for an inside look into one of my way too exciting workdays. πŸ™‚

I should get up around 4:30 am, but most days I roll out of bed at 5…sometimes 5:10.

I still have my alarms for Ragnar ready for next year. πŸ™‚

I leave for work between 5:30 and 6 and got to work between 6:30 and 7. After getting settled and checking emails, I walk to the cafeteria for coffee or tea. Up until a few weeks ago I almost always got coffee, but I’ve been on a tea kick lately.

I eat my breakfast around 8:30 and oatmeal with blueberries was on the menu for today.

I work until lunch time and I am more than ready to hit the pavement. My lunch time run is one of the best parts of my day (getting home to Annabelle tops the list). I went out with Jeanette today and we did a little over 6 miles at an 8:21 pace.

Once I get back to my desk, I eat lunch and work through the afternoon. Today’s lunch was a veggie burger with edamame and minus the sweet potatoes and add a strawberry Greek yogurt to the picture below.

By 3:30, I’m usually ready for a snack. Today’s snack was a banana swimming in a bath of almond butter.

I left work around 4:30 pm and got home around 5:45. Everyday when I get home, Molly, Annabelle, and I hang outside and play. Unfortunately this will end next week when it’s close to dark at 5. :-/

While I make dinner, AB watches Sesame Street. Don’t worry, this is not where she usually sits on her chair.

We ate dinner around 6:30 and it was super simple but super tasty. Chicken, white cheddar Mac and cheese, and edamame.

After playtime and bath time, we hopped in the car to drop something off to Chris at his work. Baby girl was so tired and she was asleep before I left the driveway. When we got home, she went right from the car to her crib…without her night time milk. Fingers crossed she still sleeps all night.

AB was asleep by 8 pm, so I Facetimed with my dad, cleaned up toys, and made a list of things I need at the store tomorrow.

On of my beloved traditions was next…dessert! Tonight’s selection was chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies.

At this point, I would normally pack my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and then watch some tv. Since I work from home tomorrow, I skipped right to the tv part. I love my sweatshirt blanket.

I will probably close up shop around 10:30 pm…I LOVE my bed. πŸ™‚

What time do you wake up for work?

How long is your commute?

White or chocolate milk?

Wednesday: Work, workout, what I ate

Good afternoon! Yesterday was another normal day in the neighborhood…a very rainy neighborhood.

My alarm went off at 5, I drove to work, and began work before 7 am.

Breakfast included oatmeal and a banana and my new obsession…hot tea!

My workout was an X-Fit class at my work gym and it was a killer. Lots of squats, high knees, burpees, push ups, and about 15 minutes of AB work.

Lunch was leftovers from Tuesday night’s dinner…chicken, peas, and sweet potato tots.

After a very rainy two hour commute home, I made a salad for dinner. Spinach was the base layer and I added peas, sweet potato tots, carrots, cheese, a veggie burger, and guacamole. I also snacked on some Wheat Thins. This flavor is amazing!

Annabelle and I snuggled/wrestled on the couch for a bit and watched Sesame Street before she went to bed. She is going into a little biting stage and her teeth are so sharp! Anybody else have a 21 month old who is doing this???

Once AB was down for the night, I enjoyed some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I bought at a bake sale today.

I also booked a flight to visit these guys in December! I can’t wait!!

(Lauren and Rob (my #1 fan))

I hope you are having a great Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!

What time do you get up?

How long is your commute to work?

Any parents that can help me with the biting thing????

It must have been my new shirt.

Happy Friday!!!

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning!

She is always so happy in the morning. ❀

Since my work had a 2 hour delay, I had a leisurely morning and ate breakfast at home instead of at work. I was so nice to not be rushing around. I had maple and brown sugar oatmeal with blueberries and it hit the spot.

Since it’s an ice rink outside (and the wind chill makes it feel below 0), I did my track workout on the treadmill. I NEED to make my treadmill workouts interesting or I get super bored.

Treadmill Track Workout

I started with a one mile warm up at an 8:50 pace and then moved onto 8 x 800m with a 400m recovery jog in between. (FYI…800 meters is half of a mile and would be 2 times around an outdoor track) πŸ™‚

I increased my speed with each 800 and I was definitely feeling itΒ during those last 2 sets. I think my new Brooks running shirt made me run faster.

After my workout, I enjoyed some chicken and veggies…

and a yogurt with a crumbled up chocolate chip cookie added to it. Try it, you will thank me.

Tonight’s plans are dinner and movie…on our couch! Stay warm if you are dealing with super cold temps!

What is your favorite brand of running clothes?

What are you having for dinner?

My weekend in pictures!


She loves watching TV.


Time to start eating oatmeal!


Annabelle was not impressed by the oatmeal.Β  We will keep trying…


Off to Saturday night dinner at Cracker Barrel.


Ready for Sunday Brunch!


Pancakes and french toast with blood orange butter…so good.


Annabelle with Aunt Kim and Uncle Nick!


Sunday afternoon nap…that lasted about 15 minutes :-/.


I hope you are having a great weekend!