Fun Things Friday!

The weekend is finally here!!!  Let’s jump right into some fun things for this Friday!

1.  Annabelle was traumatized by the Easter Bunny. She finally settled down for a picture when I sat in between her and the bunny. 


2.  She did enjoy her Easter basket though. The big hit…Elmo bubbles!



3.  Annabelle loves to play with and stand in her potty. Luckily, she doesn’t understand how to use it quite yet. ☺️


4.  I bought the 21 Day Fix DVDs. I’ve only done one workout so far because we lost the remote to our DVD player and I can’t move to the other workouts.  #losing.  I also tackled two Insanity workouts this week (cardio and strength/max cardio plyo) and man are they TOUGH!!!


5.  Post workout lunch…turkey, string cheese, and cucumbers and carrots.  Don’t worry…me and Annaballe shared some strawberry yogurt covered pretzels too. 


Have a great weekend and eat some ice cream!  PS I had a pint of Ben and Jerry’s at 11:30 pm last night. The struggle is real. 

Beating the holiday blues…and the holiday bulge.

I hope everyone had a great holiday with lots of family time and food! I LOVE the holiday season, so I always get bummed once Christmas is over.

How do I fight the “Christmas is over” blues? Don’t let go!

-I’m still listening to Christmas music and enjoying my decorations.


-I’m still hosting holiday gatherings. (More on this fun time later).

-I’m still eating leftovers from Christmas Eve…I guess I should let those go soon right? This was a bagel sandwich made with ham from Honeybaked Ham.


How do I fight the “holiday bulge”? Workouts!

-Insanity! On Thursday I needed a quick but effective workout. The solution was a Cardio Max workout from the Insanity DVDs.

-Running! Duh, right? I did 7.5 miles on Friday and 10.5 today. Today’s run was very chilly, but I got to try out my new running clothes from Athleta and my new North Face running gloves.



Anybody else get bummed when the most wonderful time of the year is over?

What was your workout today?

I Love Sweat…and food!

My friend Andrea and I started the morning off sweaty in a Bikram Yoga class.


This was the first class I’ve attended in about 2 years (I used to go everyday and my longest streak was 43 days in a row), so I was pretty nervous about it.  For those of you that have never taken a Bikram Yoga class before, the yoga consists of 26 postures repeated twice in a room that’s about 105 degrees…and the class is an hour and half long.  It is super challenging but it feels amazing once it’s over.  When I was practicing daily, I did not experience any running injuries at all…and this is saying a lot since I get injured far too often.  I am going to try and go as much as possible now because it really did help me to be more flexible and a better runner…and it’s a great stress reliever.

When I got home, I cooked us breakfast.  I was absolutely starving…and dehydrated…after that workout.  We had scrambled eggs, english muffins, and Chobani key lime flips.

008 009

After breakfast, Chris and I did some Insanity and I am now exhausted and absolutely starving again.

My mom came over to spend time with me hold Annabelle while she sleeps, so I’m sure we will be getting dinner soon.

Last night’s dinner was awesome as usual…some great local barbecue.  Chris had a nice diet meal of ribs, cornbread, mac and cheese, and cole slaw :).  I had pulled turkey with mac and cheese and cole slaw.

002 003

I’m thinking about redecorating my house with this pig/rooster theme they have going on.


Have a great Saturday night!

What do you think?

What are you having for dinner tonight?

I’m not sure, but I need to eat soon!

Have you ever tried Bikram yoga?

Insanity is working!

I am finally fitting back into non-maternity pants!  Ok, so they are my “big” pants and I still can’t fit into some of my jeans, but I am seeing results and I definitely feel more toned.  Chris is also seeing the benefits too.  His clothing is already fitting better and people at work are mentioning that he looks slimmer.  The more we do it, the harder it gets.  I guess since we are getting better at the exercises, we are able to have better form and work harder.  We are loving it!

My friend Amber and her baby Bennett (Annabelle’s boyfriend) came over to hang out today.  Since our maternity leave overlaps, we have been getting together for weekly baby play dates :).


We ordered lunch from a local pizza place but we were behaving and didn’t get pizza.  I had turkey in a wheat wrap with multigrain pita chips.


Annabelle was really sad when it was time for them to leave.


My mom came over to hang out with us tonight.  She absolutely adores AB and never wants to put her down. For dinner, I made us Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi with broccoli and cauliflower.

015 017

While catching up on one of our favorite shows, Dance Moms, we may or may not have finished off this entire bag…


What do you think?

Favorite Easter candy?

See above 🙂

Favorite tv show right now?

Homeland, The Americans, Dance Moms, The Following, Hell’s Kitchen…I watch too much tv.


I realized that I still had a leftover waffle in the fridge this morning, so I topped it with peanut butter and maple syrup.  If you haven’t tried the PB and maple syrup combination, you are missing out.


After breakfast, we did Insanity (Cardio Plyometrics) and I felt we were especially sweaty today.  This is Annabelle hoping that her daddy doesn’t pass out.


Since I was super sweaty already and I felt energized, I put in this oldey but goody.  Billy Blanks knows his kickboxing.  I only got half way through before AB lost patience and needed to fill her belly.


After the workout I made a smoothie with vanilla greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, and milk.  For some reason it did not taste very good and I only drank a little bit.



  • Make it a routine!  Once you get in the habit of doing it everyday, you will not want to miss it.
  • Workout at the best time of day for your body.  If you are a morning person and you like to get it done first thing, workout first thing in the morning.  If you are more motivated at the end of the day, hit the gym after work.
  • Workout with a friend.  If somebody else is counting on you to make a workout, you will be less likely to cancel.
  • Set a goal.  If you have something special coming up (wedding, vacation, reunion, etc.), make it a goal to lose a few pounds or tone up so you can buy a new dress or bathing suit.
  • Do not weigh yourself everyday.  Your body weight fluctuates from day to day and you will get frustrated if you see your weight going up and down on a daily basis.  Stick to getting on the scale once a week.
  • Make it fun!  Try new workouts and new activities to keep things from getting boring.  Take a zumba or yoga class, try rock climbing, go for a hike, or play some tennis and get out of the normal gym routine.

Annabelle is lacking motivation…and she is self conscious about her stomach hanging over her tutu :).


What do you think?

How do you stay motivated to work out?


Happy 2nd Birthday Molly!

Happy Birthday Molly!  Molly’s granddad stopped at Pet Smart today and bought her a new toy.  This is her sitting pretty waiting for me to give it to her :).

021 023

They grow up so fast!

This morning started out with OMG Pancakes again.  Since I made enough for a family of 4 and I am the only one eating them, I have a few days worth :).


After breakfast I finally tried out my new shoes!  I absolutely love the Brooks Pure Flow 2s.  Although I only ran about 3 miles this morning, the shoes felt great.  This weekend I will probably do an 8 miler, so I will let you know how they are for a longer distance.  So far, I really like that they are lightweight but still super supportive.

004 005

Chris and I did Insanity shortly after I returned from my run.  Annabelle sat in her car seat and watched us, but she got bored during the cool down and decided to take a nap.  Her head barely fits into the support (I wonder what percentile she will be in for head circumference next week…) and it looks like she is wearing really big headphones. 🙂

007 008

Lunch was quick and easy.  I had a peanut butter and jelly (strawberry all the way) sandwich and a key lime Chobani yogurt.


Since I was stuck in the house all day yesterday, I decided to head down to my parent’s place this evening.  I brought some of the crockpot leftovers and some brussel sprouts for dinner and my mom and I watched a lot of TLC (Something borrowed, Something new and Say Yes to the Dress).  She had some fun accessorizing AB.

011 017 018

What do you think?

Do you celebrate pet birthdays?

Yes!  We actually went to dog birthday party last year and it was really fun for us and the dogs!

Brussel sprouts:  delicious or disgusting?



Cut and color, SNOW, and food

Yesterday afternoon Chris and I continued our Insanity journey.  We have done each of the workouts in month one, so now they repeat for the first 30 days with one rest day built in.  Today is the scheduled rest day, but I really don’t feel like resting…  I will give a recap of the first 30 days once we get there!

After the workout, I ate a very fast lunch, fed Annabelle, and then headed to get my hair trimmed and highlighted.


It has been quite some time since I had it highlighted and it really needed it.  I also got some bangs cut because I have a huge forehead and a receeding hairline :-/.  I really love the color but I’m not in love with my bangs.  They are definitely too short and not what I envisioned.  After my hair appointment, AB and I went to visit Chris at work and have dinner.  I had a turkey wrap and sweet potato fries.


This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland and it is still coming down strong.


For breakfast I took a second try at making OMG Pancakes…a recipe from Carrots and Cake.  I’m just not great at making edible pancakes, at least that is Chris’ opinion.  I made a huge batch this morning and Molly and I enjoyed them…lucky for us we have leftovers for tomorrow.


I decided to fire up the crockpot for dinner tonight.  In the mix:  sweet potato, corn, black beans, kidney beans, crushed tomatoes, chicken, and vegetable stock.  I also added some cumin, oregano, and a rosemary spice rub.

008 009 010

Let’s hope this turns out better than the pancakes!

What do you think?

Snow:  fun or inconvenient?

Have you ever not been happy with a haircut?

How often do you use a crockpot?

Waffles and snow storm essentials

I apologize for being lame and not posting yesterday, but time got away from me…busy life of a stay at home mom (I’m pretending that I never have to go back to work.).

Yesterday morning I made waffles for breakfast.  I had never used TJ’s multigrain mix before, but it was quite good and the waffles turned out nice and fluffy.  I only had to add milk, egg whites, and 3 tablespoons of oil, so the nutrition stats aren’t too bad…so we each ate one and a half huge waffles :).

010 011

After breakfast we finally watched “Flight”, the $20 Redbox rental…yes, we finally returned it yesterday.  I must say, we were pretty disappointed.  The first 30 minutes was good and the last 30 mintues was good, but everything in between was pretty slow.

Once the movie was over, it was time for Insanity.  Yesterday’s workout was Pure Cardio.  This was by far the hardest day so far.  After the warmup, which is very challenging, we did 6 minutes of stretching and then about 20 minutes of full on cardio.  The other workouts had 30 second waterbreaks every so often, but not this one.  We started and didn’t stop until it was time to cool down and stretch.  Chris and I were both drenched!  I’m not sure if I ever discussed why we are doing Insanity…I want to fit into my old (pre pregnancy) pants and Chris wants to fit into his current pants :).

I was super hungry after our workout, so I had a Chobani yogurt.  I’m really loving these things…I like a little crunch in my yogurt.


Since they are forecasting a pretty significant snowfall for our area (starting overnight tonight) Chris and I went to the store to stock up on the essentials.  I won’t bore you with everything we bought, but here is a picture of the most important items.

014 015

Today’s agenda includes more Insanity and I hope to get out for a run and test out my new shoes!  Just because every post should include Miss AB, here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last few days.  Happy Tuesday everybody!

004 008 020 013




Spending time with friends, workout, and my new shoes!

I got up pretty early this morning and since Chris worked until late last night, I was on my own for breakfast.  I had some fruit and a chocolate banana protein muffin.  It was tasty, but I was not full for long.


My friend Kate bought a new house this past year and Lauren and I have never been to see it in person.  Lauren, Annabelle, and I went to check it out this morning and our friend Amber and her two little ones met us there.  Kate has done a lot of work on the house so far (new floors, painting, etc.) and it is looking really good.  However, she is currently housing her brother, sister in law, and almost 1 year old nehpew for a while and the house is not looking how she envisioned it quite yet.  Therefore, I did not take any pictures.  But just so that you don’t feel left out, here we all are at my baby shower. 🙂

I said goodbye to Lauren because she flew back home tonight :(.  Annabelle will miss Aunt Lauren, look how sad she looks.


I was very hungry when I got home so I made something quick and easy for lunch…veggie burger and multigrain pita chips with “less guilt” guacamole.  I also had a grande soy chai from Starbucks that Chris got for me while I was out :).


After a lot of couch sitting and taking a short nap with AB, we finally did the 3rd day of insanity.  Today was Cardio Recovery (33 minutes long) and it was very different from the previous two days.  We did a lot of slow movements and stretching.  Even though we weren’t doing a lot of cardio, it was still pretty difficult to hold the stretches and squats while keeping proper form.

This is me performing two of the stretches…I am wearing my new top from Old Navy and I absolutely love it.  The built in bra is very supportive and I like how the length is long and flowy.


Dinner was quick and easy…chicken pot pie soup, grilled cheese, and green beans.  I rounded off the meal with a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream…not pictured :).


Look at theses babies!!!  I am so excited to try these out!



Nope, but I really need to do some laundry.



Cookies and cream



A morning run and Babyfest 2013!

Saturday morning started off great for two reasons:

  1. Annabelle slept for 5 straight hours!
  2. I went on my first post-baby run!

I met my friend Frank (and his dog Buddy) at the trail for an easy 6 miles.  I didn’t wear my Garmin or pay attention to the time because I know that it will take a while to get my pace back to where it was and I am just happy to be running again.  Once my body gets used to running again, I will start to work on my pace…10k race in about 5 1/2 weeks :).

006 005

It felt so great to run again, but my body is feeling it today!

I had oatmeal with honey, cinnamon, and a banana when I got home…refueling for workout #2!


My next workout was Day 2 of Insanity!  This workout was Cardio Power and Strength and it was 40 minutes long.  The exercises included moves such as power jumps, suicides, squats, and kicks.  We also did moving pushups and tricep dips for strength.  This workout seemed pretty hard to me…but I’m sure the 6 mile run didn’t help.  Chris adds a comedic factor to the workout as he hates on the guys in the video who can jump and bring their knees up to their ears :).  I hate on the women who have long hair and wear it completely down for an intense workout…you ladies are with me right?

Next on the agenda was Babyfest!  My friend Lauren lives out of town and she came home for the weekend to meet the new babies in our group.  Her parents are super awesome and they always invite us over and cook delicious food.  On the menu last night was salad, lasagna (the best lasagna ever made), and garlic bread.  This picture does not do it justice.

012 010

The dessert spread was absolutely amazing!

  • fresh fruit with whipped cream
  • brownies with cream cheese icing
  • chocolate chip pie
  • peanut butter pie
  • apple cake

Since I ran 6 miles and did Insanity, I decided that I deserved to have one of each.  I ended up having a little bit of everything except the brownie with cream cheese icing…I regret that decision now.

015 018

Here is Lauren with Annabelle.  AB was trying to talk her into having a baby.  😉


Without any planning, Annabelle ended up being twinners with her buddy Kaylee.


Here is a shot of the ladies and the babies :).  Shout out to the KD Class of 2000!


It was a great night with awesome company and delicious food!  For those of you that couldn’t join us (Rob, Chris, and Mason), we missed you!

I just wanted to share this with you.  It was 30 degrees and snowing, but the ice cream truck drove around the neighborhood with the music on ready to fufill your ice cream needs.  I did have to keep Chris from going outside and chasing it down.



6 miles


Yup, all the time and it is great.  🙂


No way!