Weekends (even long ones) are too short.

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and congrats to those of you who got a 3-day weekend because of snow. 🙂 Even though we didn’t get too much snow, my work was closed and I loved being home for an extra day.


20 mile run. It.was.tough. This was our first 20 miler of our training and we have 3 more to go. C’mon warm weather! It was so great to get it done early (we started at 8 and it was 16 degrees) and I got to hold Jeanette’s 2 new baby goats when we finished! She also sent me home with some farm fresh eggs that taste amazing.

Dinner was salad and baked vegetable lasagna.


Of course I needed dessert…Handel’s Oreo Hurricane for the win.


We met our friends Nick and Kim for lunch and then we went to see their beautiful new home. For lunch, I ordered a turkey sandwich and a cup of cream of crab soup and it was delicious. I wish I took a picture of Chris’ sandwich because it had macaroni and cheese on it!!


This ice cream is the best stuff in the world. The Honey Graham flavor is AMAZING. I can’t even describe how good it is.


Thanks to a snow storm, I got to enjoy an extra day at home this weekend. One of the many reasons I love being home, is that I get to cook more. 🙂 Breakfast was a spinach and cheese omelette and an apple. I used two of my fresh from the farm eggs and added some liquid egg whites to get some more volume.

I really enjoyed my lunch today…I even made double so that I could take it to work for lunch tomorrow. Turkey and ham with spinach on whole wheat potato bread with carrots and cucumbers on the side.

Annabelle had some carrots too and she still had a tiny piece in her mouth after her bath…30 minutes later. Saving it for later I guess. 🙂


Surprise, surprise, I needed something sweet after lunch. I ate a soft chocolate chunk cookie and washed it down with some Starbucks. Perfect combination.

For dinner, my mom and I went to Panera Bread. The place was a ghost town…I guess nobody wanted to venture out in the single digit temps. I tried the shrimp couscous salad with broccoli cheddar soup on the side. The salad was very light and refreshing but it wasn’t very big. Good thing I stopped at TCBY on the way home.

Time to watch The Following and eat fro yo! Enjoy the rest of your night!

PS I haven’t exercised since Saturday (except for chasing around an on-the-move 1 year old) and I can’t wait to get moving tomorrow!