Stories from my iPhone…and ice cream.

Hi guys!  I’ve been totally lame sauce and I’m sorry about that. I’m trying really hard to get out of this funk and I think some sunny Spring weather is just what the doctor orders. PLEASE bring on the warm weather. Pretty please.

Since I need the pictures from my phone to actually remember what’s been going on, I’ve uploaded a bunch for a trip down memory lane.

Sweaty selfie after an at home workout I did in the living room while Annabelle ate lunch.  She thinks burpees are hilarious and we practice counting as I do them. 😊

Poor baby was having some tummy troubles last weekend. Toddlers and tummy trouble = absolutely terrible.

Eating chocolate Teddy Grahams at 9 am. Thanks Daddy.

Snow day breakfast of pancakes, turkey sausage, and strawberries.

Lots of snow…about 11 inches.

Chris and I had a rare dinner out last Friday (thanks Carrie!!!) and we enjoyed salmon, tuna, bread pudding, and flourless chocolate cake. 😍

Annabelle rocking her Maryland onsie from Uncle Gren and Aunt Janice. Go Terps!

Avocado omlette = perfect post long run meal

A perfect Sunday morning run with two of my awesome Ragnar teammates. Thanks for coming up Woody and Pryce!

I love seeing double digits on my Garmin.

Banana, oats, and chocolate chip cookies. 😀

Homemade ice cream cake just sounded like a good idea today.


1. Chocolate fudge (chocolate chips melted into some vanilla almond milk)

2.  Crushed oreos

3. Red velvet cake ice cream

4. Chocolate fudge

5. Vanilla fudge ice cream

6. Cool whip

7. Sprinkles

Even though I wanted to eat it as soon as I made it, I waited until after dinner.  🙂

Post workout selfie…because you really needed to see my sweaty face.  PS Somebody please tell me how to fix my crow’s feet.  I did Jillian MIchael’s 30 day Shred Level 2 followed by 2 rounds of the At Home Jumping Jacks Circuit Workout.  On the second round I made a few substitutions to switch things up a little bit (burpess instead of tuck jumps, tricep dips in place of tricep pushups, and leg lifts in place of bicycle crunches). Dinner = leftover chicken mixed with veggies topped with shredded cheddar cheese.  Everything it better with a side of sweet potato fries.

Yup, I ate this huge chunk that is missing.

What is the best dessert you have ever had?

Best workout last week?

If you are in a funk too, I’m sorry.

I worked and made dinner in the same day.

Yesterday started with a Think Thin bar and a banana. I love these things.

My lunch time run (the best part of my work day), was 5.5 miles outside with Jeanette and 1.5 miles on the treadmill. Running hasn’t felt “easy” for a while, so I hope things start improving soon.

I have no idea what I ate for lunch but my afternoon snack was so good. If you haven’t tried orange cream yogurt with chocolate Belvita biscuits, you are missing out.

I somehow found the energy to cook last night and I made pasta for my dad, Chris, and myself. I cooked organic pasta, mixed in sauce, added sun dried tomato meatballs, covered with cheese, and put under the broiler for a few minutes.

Served with a side of honey wheat biscuits and it was the perfect meal.

How do you end a perfect meal? You all know my answer to this. Thanks to Chris for restocking the freezer. 🙂

This was a little gigantic bowl of heaven.

Now to go run so I can have another bowl tonight!

Have a great Friday!

Did you cook dinner last night? What did you cook?

Please tell me you also are dessert!?!?