Thursday Thoughts!

TGI almost F. Anybody else really happy it’s almost the weekend?

How about some random, thought provoking, incredibly insightful thoughts/things for this Thursday?

1.  My Uncle Gren took this picture when we visited a few weeks ago.  He said she is going to break some hearts one day…and he is right.  ❤


2. This lovely gem was taken during my junior or senior year of high school. My friend Jessica and I beat the boys playing basketball, so we got our pictures taken with these homemade (wrestling) belts. I hope Dave D., John, and Dave H. aren’t still mad about it. 🙂

3.  So, this is a picture of my hand from this morning.  My hands are so dry that they are cracking and bleeding everywhere.  I put lotion on all day long and this still happens.  They are much worse tonight…so bad that I cannot bend them to make fists.  C’mon Summer time…


4. The windows in our house aren’t the greatest. The wind is so strong that I can hear it whistling through the baby monitor in Annabelle’s room. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, the heater is keeping her warm. 🙂

5. Panera Bread just sounded like the right thing to do for dinner tonight. Classic salad with chicken and broccoli cheddar soup for the win. I had big plans for me and Annabelle to go get fro yo in our PJs, but she was ready to sleep before we had the chance.


6. I’ve been really busy at work for the past few months. While I am more stressed than I have been in a while, I actually feel like I have a real purpose now…and I like that.

7.  I LOVE that Annabelle’s hair is long enough for this cute high ponytail.  Hydrating like a champ.

8. I’m about to eat some chocolate and watch some trashy TV (read:  Dance Moms).  If you put all the drama aside, I really just like to watch the dancing.  Fun Fact:  I was a baton twirler back in the day and I love watching all types of choreography.

9.  I’m in a running slump of sorts.  It’s been REALLY cold lately and running outside has been a challenge.  Along with the ice and snow, it’s just been hard to get in quality runs.  I don’t mind the treadmill if I’m doing speed work, but man is it hard to do long runs on that thing.  CONFESSION:  The closer it gets to Boston and the more I read about others training for it, the more jealous/bitter/sad I get.  Ok, it’s not that bad.  But I am definitely bummed that I won’t be there this year even though I made the cut.

10.  I can’t wait to finish up work for the week and spend Friday night with Chris, Annabelle, and Molly.  🙂

Tell me one of your happy thoughts for today!

Favorite trashy TV show?

Who is running Boston?  Never mind, don’t answer this one.  😉

Speed work…it hurts so good.

Day 2 of no dessert is almost over! I am currently having this as dessert and it’s pretty tasty.

Dinner was another simple meal (that’s all I can handle with a 1 1/2 year old running around) of chicken and roasted veggies. I really love roasting asparagus…it just makes it tastes really good.

After dinner we spent some time outside with Molly and then I spent some quality time with my foam roller and Dance Moms once AB went to bed.
Speed work…it’s so TOUGH but it feels so great once it’s finished. Since I’m taking another shot at a BQ in September (remember that time I missed it by 7 seconds…yea…), I’m back into marathon training mode and I have a lot of work to do.

Today’s workout:

1 mile warmup at a 9:13 pace

3 miles at a 6:51 pace with a 400m rest interval in between

.5 mile cool down at a 9:13 pace

It was a quick workout and I was able to make it back to my training class with time to spare. 🙂 PS my legs are feeling this workout right now and my new BFF is my foam roller.

Do you like asparagus?

What are you training for right now?

Do you own a foam roller or a stick? Do you use it everyday?

“Homemade” Pizza with a Twist

Hey guys!  I think I’ve finally found my way of cooking.  I am not very good at making things from scratch and I really can’t figure out how much of an item to add unless someone else tells me to.  I take the “semi-homemade” approach just like Sandra Lee.

Last night, I made this very tasty pizza for dinner and even my dad liked it.  He is more of a pepperoni pizza type of guy. 🙂

“Homemade” Pizza with a Twist


1 store bought pizza dough

1 package of ground turkey (I only used 3/4 of the meat and saved the rest.)

1 jar of salsa

1 handful of spinach

1/4 of a small red onion

3/4 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese

***NOTE:  These “measurements” are all estimates because I just went off of feel.  Please add as much of each topping as you would like.  🙂

1.  Cook ground turkey in a skillet and season to taste.  I just used salt and pepper.


2.  In the meantime, pre-cook the pizza dough if it calls for it.  The dough I used was pre-cooked for 8 minutes before adding the toppings.

3.  Spread salsa on the crust to serve as the sauce.  I used the whole jar.


Yes, my pizza is oddly shaped.


4.  Add cheese, ground turkey, onions, spinach, and a little more cheese!


5.  Bake until cooked and enjoy!  I baked mine for about 8 minutes.


FACT:  The best way to end a healthy pizza night with the family is to watch Dance Moms and eat a huge bowl of ice cream (bottom layer = cookies and cream, middle layer = double fudge brownie, top layer = strawberry waffle cone…topped with chocolate sauce and cool whip).


Yes, I will be doing an intense track workout today and this is how I properly fuel for my workouts.  🙂




Where I spend 40 hours a week.

Today was another normal Tuesday…work, body pump, work, dinner, Dance Moms, sleep. My food pictures today are not very appetizing.

Yogurt with crushed up Belvita biscuits.

Whole wheat pasta with sun dried tomato chicken meatballs and whole wheat biscuits.

My dad hating enjoying Dance Moms. 🙂

As I was packing up to leave work, I decided you guys might want to see where I spend my (work) days. In case you don’t spend your days in a cubicle, this is what you are missing. 😉

My monitors with the best thing in the whole wide world on the screen.

My gym bag, gym clothes, and jacket corner.

What’s in my filing cabinet? Running gear, pro compression socks, and work shoes.



Do you have a desk job?

What would be your dream job?

What was for dinner tonight?

If you don’t take Body Pump regularly…

you will be sore every time. I took a class during lunch yesterday and my inner thighs and my chest/arms are really feeling it today. I definitely challenge myself each time and if I don’t go on a consistent basis, I am sore for days! In order to help my running and my overall strength, I’m trying to take classes twice a week from now on. 🙂
Rewind to breakfast yesterday. I had overnight oats with sliced bananas. You can make overnight oats a ton of different ways, but this is what I do.

Overnight Oats

1. Pour 1/2 cup of oatmeal into a container.
2. Add 1 cup of vanilla almond milk.
3. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.
4. Cover and leave in fridge overnight.
5. Add fruit and granola in the morning and enjoy!

I was famished by the time Body Pump was over (anybody else get super hungry after weight training?). I ate an almond butter and strawberry jam sandwich and a blueberry Chobani.


Later in the afternoon I snacked on two clementines and I ate yogurt covered raisins on my drive home from work. Snacks make the commute so much better!

On the way home I picked up Subway for dinner. I went with a turkey and ham salad and I had some pita chips on the side.

Annabelle finally fell asleep around 9:30 and I ate some “healthy” dessert while watching Dance Moms. Lucky for me she woke up right as I was getting into bed. Good thing she is so darn cute. 🙂

What did you eat for breakfast today?

How many hours of sleep do you average per night? If I get 6 hours, I consider myself lucky.

A great start to the new year.

Last night, I celebrated New Year’s Eve with Annabelle and my parents (Chris was working…). We did what we do best…eat! We decided on BBQ for dinner, so we ate at Famous Dave’s.

I got the burnt tips entree with mashed potatoes, broccoli, and a corn muffin.

My dad ordered dessert so my mom and I had to help him eat it. 🙂

Aren’t they cute?

The night ended with pjs and Christmas peanut m&ms. I was very happy when it hit midnight because I was so ready for bed.

This morning I slept in until 8:30 (thanks Mom)!!! I played with Annabelle and ate a quick breakfast of toast, crunchy peanut butter, and banana before I headed to a New Year’s 10k race. The race started at 11 am and there were about 145 runners.

It was an out and back course which was awesome for the first 3 miles because it was all down hill. The final 3 miles…all uphill. It was definitely challenging and I was struggling to keep pace, but I ended in 48:03 and managed to maintain a sub-8 pace. 🙂

Me and Jeanette. She rocked as well and finished right on my heels.

The best way to refuel after a race…doughnut and Starbucks!

The rest of our New Year included an early dinner at Outback…

Ice cream from Cold Stone…


And a Dance Moms marathon.


I hope you had a wonderful first day of 2014!

How did you celebrate New Years?

Do you watch Dance Moms?

When was the last time you ate ice cream?

Insanity is working!

I am finally fitting back into non-maternity pants!  Ok, so they are my “big” pants and I still can’t fit into some of my jeans, but I am seeing results and I definitely feel more toned.  Chris is also seeing the benefits too.  His clothing is already fitting better and people at work are mentioning that he looks slimmer.  The more we do it, the harder it gets.  I guess since we are getting better at the exercises, we are able to have better form and work harder.  We are loving it!

My friend Amber and her baby Bennett (Annabelle’s boyfriend) came over to hang out today.  Since our maternity leave overlaps, we have been getting together for weekly baby play dates :).


We ordered lunch from a local pizza place but we were behaving and didn’t get pizza.  I had turkey in a wheat wrap with multigrain pita chips.


Annabelle was really sad when it was time for them to leave.


My mom came over to hang out with us tonight.  She absolutely adores AB and never wants to put her down. For dinner, I made us Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi with broccoli and cauliflower.

015 017

While catching up on one of our favorite shows, Dance Moms, we may or may not have finished off this entire bag…


What do you think?

Favorite Easter candy?

See above 🙂

Favorite tv show right now?

Homeland, The Americans, Dance Moms, The Following, Hell’s Kitchen…I watch too much tv.