I ran…and I ran…and I ran.

On the running front, I had a pretty great summer, fall, and winter.  🙂

August 2015

In August, I had the wonderful opportunity to run Ragnar Colorado.  I had never been to Colorado and running 200 miles from Copper to Aspen with 11 amazing people = the best thing ever.

October 2015

Jeanette and I checked the Chicago Marathon off of the bucket list in October.  We went with one goal…have fun and enjoy the race!  We did just that and it was absolutely amazing.

September 2015

I ran the Via Marathon this past September and it was one of the worst races of my life.  I was trying for a BQ (sub 3:35) and I ended up with a 4 hour plus finish.  I had a much better race back in 2014.

October 2015

A fun little 5k pushing Annabelle in the jogging stroller.  Running with the stroller and a heavy toddler is no joke.

November 2015

This was definitely the highlight of my running in 2015.  I’m not sure how we did it, but my friends Woody, Pryce, and I completed our first 50 MILER.  Yes, 50 miles!  Woody and Pryce killed it and finished in the 10 hour range and I finished in 11 hours and 52 minutes.  To be an official finisher, you had to finish in under 12 hours.  I’m glad I gave myself a few minutes to spare.  😉

February 2016

Kate and I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon and had a magical time.  This was Kate’s first half marathon and she did so great…and she loved it so much that she signed up for another one.

March 2016

I ran the HAT 50k and it was as fun and challenging as last year.  This was my friend Wendy’s first 50k and she did such an amazing job.


So, what’s next you ask?  

Coastal Delaware Marathon on April 24th!

Summer 2015 Recap

Internet world, it’s been many months since my last post. Man, I am great at this whole blogging thing. 😉 Since I want to remember what we did this Summer…and Fall…and Winter (and I hope some of you would like to see too), here’s a look at our Summer!  And since this is technically a running blog, I will also recap my running adventures soon. 🏃

Memorial Day weekend trip to Ocean City, MD


Dinner with my best girls from high school (we missed you KJ)

Fun in the sun!  


Weekend trip to Ocean City


Go Oriole’s!!!


Baby Ballerina class. She finally loved it at the end of the 7 week class. 😊


4th of July in Rock Hall, MD with Aunt Janice and Uncle Gren


Hersheypark Happy!!!


Saying goodbye to Grandses and Poppy 😔


Another trip to the beach!


Ragnar Relay Colorado!

Hersheypark again!


Outer Banks with the Seiferts, Lauren, Rob, Lincoln, and Kate!  So much fun. 


Lots of hours spent on the playground!


And look at that, it’s almost Summer again!

Florida in February

Florida in February is awesome. 😄

I woke up early last Friday morning and ran 7 easy miles on the treadmill followed by the 8 minute abs video….followed by a stop for the good stuff.

After a quick workday, Annabelle and I headed to the airport. A few hours later, we were in the Sunshine State!

Saturday morning, I went to a boot camp class with my mom, brother, and sister in law. I always go when I’m in town and I LOVE it. We enjoyed breakfast outside afterwards and it was great to soak up some sunshine.


The rest of the day was spent getting manis and pedis and driving with the top down. 😉

Sunday was a gorgeous day, so we headed to Cocoa Beach. Sunny and 75 in February…yes please.

Annabelle absolutely loves the water and insisted on staying by the water and collecting sea shells. 😍


I LOVE this picture of Annabelle, Poppy, and Uncle Disney.

We left the beach, had dinner (Annabelle loves to take chips from the basket and take a bite and put it back), and headed home to shower and eat dessert. My mom tested out her new blow dryer…

Dessert was Blue Bell ice cream. We don’t have this in PA and I must eat large quantities when I visit Florida.


Monday was a relaxing day…first breakfast at First Watch and then we spent some time at the playground. My dad has tons of pictures from the playground but I don’t have them yet. 😒

The weather turned rainy in the afternoon, so my mom and I headed to the gym. She ellipticalled and I treadmilled. Yup, neither of those are words but I’m using them anyway. I think my treadmill may have been broken because I did the following workout and it felt really good.

2 miles at 8:35 pace
5 miles at 7:30 pace
1/2 mile at 8:35 pace

We finished our workouts with the 8 minute abs video.

John and Emmy were nice enough to make us dinner that night (taco salads) and it was great to just hang out and talk.

Tuesday was another relaxing day, but it carried a dark cloud since we were heading home that evening. 😔 After breakfast, my mom and I walked to her condo gym and completed this workout from Julie.

It was a great workout and I was sore the next day.

After showering and packing up, we went to a local BBQ joint by my parent’s house. The food is amazing and everything comes with huge pieces of garlic bread. I wish I had taken pictures but I was busy keeping a toddler in her seat. 😜 We arrived at the airport early enough for my parents to come in and for Annabelle to run around a bit. We said goodbye and it keeps getting harder and harder. I always get sympathetic looks from the TSA agents who check my boarding pass and ID while I’m sucking back tears.

It was a great trip and I can’t wait to plan my next visit. The plane trip was pretty uneventful except for having to change AB’s diaper in the bathroom. Those things are not made for 2 year olds.

Do you live near your family?

What’s the last vacation you took?

The VIA Marathon: Boston here I come!

On Sunday, September 7th, I ran the VIA Marathon hoping to run a Boston qualifying marathon.  This was my second and final shot for this year…my first attempt did not go as planned.

Jeanette, my training partner and great friend, picked me up on Saturday afternoon and we headed to Bethlehem for packet pick-up.  FYI, this is the site of the Runner’s World Half which was an absolute blast last year.


After we checked into our hotel, we headed to dinner with some friends.  I made sure to load up on carbs with shrimp risotto and plenty of warm bread.  I really wanted some chocolate after dinner, so I bought peanut M&Ms from the vending machine and I was a happy girl.  Once we got back to the room, we got ready for the morning by setting everything out.  My outfit included shorts, shirt, and sports bra from Fabletics, socks from Pro Compression, and shoes from Brooks (I am still wearing the Pure Flow 2s).


We went to bed early and tried to get some quality sleep…4:30 am came rather quickly.

The weather for race day was pretty wonderful.  It was sooo hot and humid on Saturday, but thanks to some severe thunderstorms that evening, Sunday’s weather had low humiditiy and cooler temps.  The race started promptly at 7:10 am and I was a bundle of nerves.

start line

I started pretty close to the front of the pack because it is really hard to start too far back and have to bob and weave past people.  Mile 1 clocked in at 7:51 and mile 2 clocked in at 7:49.  I really wanted to stick to an 8 minute mile pace, but the race day jitters and adrenaline got me going out fast.  I found a few ladies that seemed to be keeping the 8 minute pace and I hung with them for a while.  I also found my buddy Bart Yasso twice along the course…he is my hero.  🙂  I finished the first half averaging right under an 8 minute pace.  This was a good thing (I had some wiggle room for the second half) and a bad thing (I was tired already).  I also spent lots of time trying to get sport beans out of my teeth…I’m so glad they caught this on camera.  LOL.

VIA Marathon

Jeanette hopped in around mile 12 and she is a LIFE SAVER.  By mile 16, I started to question my ability to keep pace and my legs and feet were getting very mad at me.  I doubted my ability to keep going at that pace and to keep going at all.  The thought of having 10 more miles to go was daunting and I started losing hope.  Jeanette helped to keep my confidence up, kept reminding me that I could average slower miles from there on out and still make my goal.  She gave me food and water when I requested it and she kept my legs moving when I wanted to slow down and walk.  When I reached mile 25, I had about 10 minutes to run 1.2 miles.  If I just held it together for 1 more mile, I would actually do it.  After a slight uphill, the course flattened out and I could see the finish line.  I crossed the finish line in 3:34:12 and it took a lot of strength to not just collapse right there.


I beat my previous time by 55 seconds and I qualified for Boston.  A few years ago, I thought qualifying for Boston was a dream and something I might be able to do one day…dream realized.  🙂

This picture was taken about an 1 1/2 hours after I finished and this smile is very fake.  I had some extreme “runner’s flu” and felt TERRIBLE.  It was so worth it though.  🙂


The race wasn’t just giving out medals to finishers…It also gave me a few of these babies.  I know it’s gross, I’m sorry.


Best running day of my life.  Boston 2015 here I come!  The best part…Jeanette qualified back in May and we are going to rock Boston together.  🙂


Family Vacation 2014: Ocean City, MD

Last week we spent 5 glorious days in Ocean City, MD. I love the beach and seafood and ice cream, so I was one happy camper. :-).

Playground fun!


Breakfast at Dumser’s!

Beach Fun!







QT with my family. 🙂


SUP (stand up paddle boarding) – my first time!

Liz, thank you for the awesome pictures. Here’s two of my favorites. ❤


Great vacation and I can’t wait to go back. 🙂

A weekend at the shore.

Hi everyone. I hope you had a great weekend and wonderful start to your week. I’ve missed you terribly, but I have a lot going on over here and I’m having a hard time finding the time and motivation to post. With that said, I really love documenting my life and posting a million pictures of running stuff and baby Annabelle. So please keep checking in. 🙂

On Friday evening, Annabelle and I headed to the beach with my cousin Carrie (Chris was working and headed down on Saturday morning). We stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner and right as we were finishing a couple sat at the table behind us. AB started crying and reaching towards the table and I couldn’t figure out why. But then, I noticed that the man sitting at the table was wearing an orange Oriole’s shirt. Chris wears an Oriole’s shirt almost everyday during the summer and poor Annabelle thought he was daddy. She ran up to him wanting him to pick her up and I just couldn’t help but laugh. He picked her up and she stopped crying immediately. I couldn’t pass up this photo opportunity…he was a really good sport about it. 🙂

Annabelle absolutely loved the ocean and she giggled as soon as we walked onto the beach. She is def a beach girl just like her Mommy, Grandses, and cousin. 🙂





We ate a lot of good food (crabcakes, pizza, ice cream sundaes), but I only managed to take a picture of my freshly made, still warm doughnut. I paired it with some strawberries to make it “healthy”.

I did manage to squeeze in two pretty decent runs around the park on Sunday and Monday morning. While my pace was pretty fast (for me), I felt like I was running a 5 minute mile. I feel like I have lost a lot of fitness since the marathon.

My knee is still not great, but it only hurts during part of my runs and doesn’t hurt when I stop running. I’ve become best friends with the foam roller to try and make it better.

Annabelle enjoyed some playground time while I ran. She is really liking the playground these days. 🙂

I can’t wait to take her back to the beach when the water (and air) is a bit warmer!

Beach…love it or hate it?

What’s the best vacation you have ever been on?

5 year Anniversary, Mother’s Day, and 7 seconds

Hey guys, I’m so sorry to have been absent for so long. Lots of family, life, traffic, work, running things going on and when I have down time, I usually fall asleep. Yup, I need a whambulance.
So, Saturday was our 5 year anniversary!

We celebrated in a great way (or at least one of us thinks so). We headed to Wilmington, DE to pick up my packet and stay the night for the Delaware Marathon! We had dinner with my friend Jeanette and her family and then I tried to get in bed early and get a decent night’s sleep. Romantic, I know. 🙂
Sunday was Mother’s Day…I hope all the moms out there had a great day! I had a really great day…marathon, lunch with friends, dinner date and ice cream with Chris.

So, I might have mentioned that I was training for a marathon and hoping to qualify for Boston (I’ll have a full race recap up soon). Well, I ran my heart out and finished in 3:35:07. Yup, you read that right. I missed it by 7 seconds! Even though I missed a BQ, I did place first in my age group and went home with this awesome bobble head trophy. 🙂

My training partner and great friend Jeanette placed 2nd in her age group and qualified for Boston!

Cheers to another round of training this summer and attempt number 2 in September. Who wants to train with me?!?!?
Missing my mama right now. Long story, but she is in Florida and I’m in Pennsylvania and I miss her like crazy. Love u mom!

Anybody race this past weekend?

What did you do for Mother’s Day?

Best part about your day today?

Things to do on a rainy weekend in Ocean City.

Chris and I spent two nights in Ocean City this past weekend and even though the weather wasn’t great, we had a great time! I have to once again thank my parents for their help…I don’t know what we would do without them.

I’m going to warn you now, this post is very picture happy. 🙂

We arrived in the late afternoon and checked into our hotel, The Dunes Manor.

The view from our balcony. 🙂

The sunset later that evening…I love this picture.

I googled some dinner options because a lot of restaurants and hotels are closed during the off season. We decided on the Coral Reef Cafe in the Day’s Inn on 17th Street and it turned out to be a great pick. We were a little concerned at first, but our bartender (Patrick) was super nice and the food was really good. I ordered the Coral Reef Turkey Sandwich (focaccia, turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and red pepper aioli) with a side of sweet potato fries. These fries were AMAZING.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to relax and watch TV. Yes, this is a fun night for us since sitting and watching adult TV is a luxury now. 🙂 We watched some Full House while eating m&ms and fell asleep by 11 ish.


I started Monday in the best possible ways!

A. A selfie with the ocean

B. A 9 mile run on the boardwalk…in the rain.


C. Breakfast at Dumser’s


The rest of Monday was spent watching the Oriole’s game at The Greene Turtle…

Tea time at our hotel (they have it everyday from 3-4 and it was amazing)…. Me and crumpets and chocolate chip cookies.


Dinner at a restaurant called Hooked… All of the food is acquired locally and everything was fresh and delicious (the lighting was low and my pics didn’t turn out without a flash).

Dessert at Dumser’s… Chris ordered a chocolate milkshake and I got an Oreo super sundae. They make their own ice cream and I could eat the Oreo crush everyday of my life.


I “slept in” until about 7:45 and then headed to the hotel “exercise room”. The room was small and only contained a bike, an elliptical, and a stair stepper, but it was nice to have and it did the job. I rode the bike for 15 minutes and then did the following exercise circuit.

– 15 jump squats with alternating knee raises
– 15 push-ups
– 15 back kicks on each leg
– 10 side tricep push-ups on each side
– 15 tricep dips
– 50 sit ups
– 10 plank push ups on each side

I completed the circuit 3 times and I was a sweaty mess at the end.

After I took a quick shower, we packed and headed down to the Victorian Room for breakfast.

This was our view…the ocean is behind that wall of fog. 😦

French toast and sliced strawberries.


It was sooo nice to have a few days to relax and unwind, but we were so happy to get back to you know who. 🙂 We will see you again soon Ocean City!


If you didn’t stop reading after the 15th picture, where would you go for a weekend getaway if money wasn’t an option?

North Carolina, BFFs, and Banana Cream Pie

Last Saturday morning, Annabelle and I flew to North Carolina to visit my BFFs in North Carolina.

Annabelle behaved pretty well on the flight and she had so much fun playing with her seat mate (a nice preschool teacher who got stuck in the middle seat next to us).

Once we arrived, Lauren was nice enough to make a quick stop at Starbucks because I was a walking zombie. I enjoyed an ICED soy vanilla macchiato because it was sunny and in the 70s. It was glorious.

Since it was close to lunch time by the time we got to Lauren’s house, we ate lunch and then headed out to enjoy the weather. We took a nice long walk and made a stop at the playground. I’m not sure how Annabelle felt about the swing, but she was super sleepy so maybe that’s why she doesn’t look thrilled.


Lauren really enjoyed her swinging experience. 🙂


By the time we walked home, AB was out cold.

Lauren and I sat on the porch and talked while eating animal crackers until she woke up. It was really nice to sit and catch up :-).

The rest of the night was spent hanging out…

…and eating ice cream and banana cream pie while watching White House Down (yes, Channing Tatum is amazing). This pie is from Harris Teeter and it is AMAZING. I don’t even like banana flavored things and I am in love with this pie.


Sunday was another fun day!

Breakfast: eggs with ham, red peppers, and cheese with hash browns on the side.

Workout: 7 mile run on a local trail. Lauren, Rob, Mason, and AB went for a walk while I ran :-).

Lunch: grilled chicken, sun dried tomato, and cheese panini with pasta salad on the side.

Dessert (before dinner): we drove to NC State to get ice cream from their creamery. I got cookies and cream and campfire delight…campfire delight = amazing.


BFFs: Mason and Annabelle are great friends. She kept kissing him over and over again. 🙂

Steelers fan? No way! 😉

We headed home on Monday morning and we were sad to go.

Thanks for a great weekend Lauren and Rob! We’ll be back soon!
Where did you go on your last vacation?

Banana cream pie? Yay or nay?

Family time, sunshine, and lots of food.

Late last night, we arrived home after a fun-filled weekend visiting my brother, SIL, and nieces in Florida. Here is a recap of our trip in pictures. 🙂

Coffee and pedicures! My runner’s feet needed some TLC.


Food and ice cream!








A walk to the park and mini photo shoot. My SIL is a very talented photographer. 🙂 I love this little girl so much.







Sunset before we flew home yesterday. Such beautiful weather.


Such a wonderful weekend. 🙂