A Stitch Fix outfit and the best post workout snack.

Yesterday I was decked out in an outfit from Stitch Fix. <—-referral link.

Bracelet and earrings from Zad. (The bracelets came in a 3 pack with a green and blue bracelet.)


Brixon Ivy Bixby Clover Print blouse and Liverpool Anita Ponte pants. Please ignore my Bass clogs that I bought 10 years ago.

Thanks to my friend Kelly for the wonderful photography. 🙂
Last night, Annabelle and I ate dinner, I gave her a bath, and she was asleep before 8:30. Since I didn’t have time to workout earlier in the day, I went to the basement and did a Fitness Blender workout on YouTube while watching some Biggest Loser.


The workout was only about 35 minutes but it was a good one. It used the ladder structure and included lots of burpees, push ups, high knees, squats, mountain climbers, and abs.

When I got back upstairs, I remembered that I had the bright idea to make these babies after dinner.

So yea, my post workout snack was a brownie topped with ice cream…

Happy Friday!

Trader Joe’s… I have missed you.

Last night, Annabelle and I had a fun night of eating dinner at Panera Bread and shopping at Trader Joe’s! The nearest TJ’s is over 30 miles from my house, so I don’t go as nearly as often as I would like to.

My goodies!

I bought some normal stuff: bread, eggs, milk, yogurt, honey crisp apples.

I also bought some fun stuff: Ginger Cats Cookies, Chocolate Chip Brownie and Oats Bars, Almond Butter, White Cheddar Mac and Cheese (they had samples and AB loved it), Minestrone Soup, brocollini, and Pecan and Pumpkin Oatmeal.

I also started some Thanksgiving shopping! My extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, etc.) is having dinner on the Saturday before Turkey Day, so if I want dinner on actual Thanksgiving, it’s up to me!

Annabelle was so ready for bed after all of that fun. 😉

Do you live near a Trader Joe’s?

What’s your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?

Crazy socks and a new ride.

Yesterday was Tacky Holiday Sock day in my office. I went above and beyond and wore capris so my socks were showing all day long.

I tried out a new Zone Bar for breakfast and it was pretty good. The consistency was similar to a Lara Bar and the flavor was great.

During lunch, I finally got back to Body Pump and it felt so good. Not so good today though…my legs are sore! After class, I hopped on the stair climber for 10 minutes. It’s amazing how sweaty I can get in just 10 minutes on that thing.

Lunch was a classic pb and j and a Strawberry Chobani yogurt. I will never get sick of peanut butter.

My afternoon snack was a honey crisp apple…this is what happens when you try to cut an apple with a plastic knife.

After work, my parents and I headed to the mall for some Christmas shopping. Annabelle was really thrilled to try out her new ride. (It was only $12 at Target!)

This picture was taken after I told her she could have some ice cream after dinner.

My dinner was food court Chinese food and I have to admit, it wasn’t bad. I was starving though, so maybe anything would have tasted good.

The night ended in a pretty good way…an Oreo McFlurry and Home Alone 2.

Have a great Wednesday!!

Favorite holiday movie?

Are you done shopping yet?

A Runner’s Christmas List

The holiday shopping season is officially here!  If you have a relative, friend, or coworker that is a runner (I think we all have a runner in our life!) and you are looking for the perfect gift for them, look no further.  Any runner, me inlcluded, would love to receive any of the items on this list.  I hope you find the perfect gift for that crazy, endorphin-loving, pain seeking special runner in your life!

1.  Anything and everything from Erica Sara Designs.  I absolutely love her jewelry and she has something for everyone.   I really like the “Run” necklaces  and bracelets and I LOVE these stackable rings.  Click here to see more great gift ideas!

2.  C9 by Champion for Target.  Who doesn’t love new running gear?  The C9 line by Champion is high-quality, cute, and AFFORDABLE.  The C9 apparrel is sold at Target, so you can do a lot of shopping in just one stop.  🙂  I think the cowl neck pullover below is super cute and it comes in a variety of colors. 

C9 by Champion® Women's Microfleece Cowl Neck Pullover - Assorted Colors

3.  The Runner’s World Cookbook.  The first section of the book focuses on nutritional information and staple ingredients every runner should know, and the second part of the cookbook illustrates how to turn these facts into delicious, quick, and nutrient-boosting meals through delectable recipes.  If you are buying this for your significant other, this is a gift that will benefit your tummy too.  🙂

4.  A foam roller or stick.  Now that I use a foam roller/stick after every single run (and Body Pump), I can’t imagine living without them!  I use the Exervo Nimbus EnduraBead Pro Foam Roller and I love it.  It is pretty firm and my muscles feel so good afterwards.  When I’m traveling or if I have hard to reach trouble spots, I use the Sprinter Stick.  PS TheStick.com is offering FREE SHIPPING right now.


5.  Cold Gear.  Now that the temperature has dropped (unless you are lucky enough to live in a nice warm place), it is very necessary to be dressed appropriately.  🙂  I LOVE Athleta and they have a huge variety of cold weather running gear. Today only, you can get 20% off in stores and online with the promo code FIT20.  They don’t have sales often, so this is a really good time to buy some gifts and make somebody very happy.  🙂  I’m also loving the stuff at New Balance right now.

6.  Fuel.  Runners need to eat well in order to perform well.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find the best pre-run snack, but I’ve found that Picky Bars are perfect.  Not only are they delicious, they are a little smaller than the usual “bar” and they still provide a great source of energy.  Right now, you can get 30% off with the promo code PICKY30!


7. Sport Hooks.  Runners love to sign up for as many races and possible and with almost every race comes a shiny new race medal.  If you don’t have anywhere to store/display your medals, they end up shoved in the back of a drawer (like mine right now 😦 ).  These Sport Hooks are great because you can customize the design you want (Running, Disney, Blog Name, Boston, etc.) and you can proudly display all of your medals!  I really like this one…hint, hint.

I hope this list helps you shop for that special runner in your life! 

What is on your Christmas List this year?


Annabelle meets the Easter Bunny

Annabelle has decided that she wants to party during the 4 am hour again…she stopped doing that for a few weeks and it was glorious.  Since I was super tired this morning, I missed out on yoga (sorry Andrea).  When I finally got up and moving, I made it to the gym for a workout.

Yesterday’s workout: (since I didn’t post it yesterday)

30 minutes on the elliptical at level 12

5000 meters on the rowing machine, level 10 – 500 meters with a 1:00 minute rest repeated 10 times.  FYI:  If you  have not tried the rowing machine, you really should.  It’s an amazingly great workout and I am so tired afterwards.

10 minutes on the stairmaster at level 14

Today’s workout:

30 minutes on the elliptical at level 12

3067 meters on the rowing machine, level 10 – row for 1:40 and then 20 second rest repeated 7 times

WOD – 10 burpees, 15 jump squats, 10 moving push ups,  15 mountain climbers, 15 tricep dips, 15 floor ski jumps, plank:  repeated 3 times

I worked out almost everyday while I was pregnant, but it was just to stay in some sort of shape and it made me feel good…nothing too intense.  It feels so good to now get in those workouts that kick my butt and I feel a few days later.

Chris played Mr. Mom while I was gone and he had AB bathed and dressed when I got home.  We had a big day planned…Annabelle’s first Easter Bunny visit!  This Easter Bunny was not as scary as some I have seen and AB seemed more interested in the lights on the ceiling than the bunny :).  Thanks for the Easter outfit Aunt CK!

2283105403_001 016

Annabelle with Poppy and Grandses


After the Easter Bunny excitement, we had lunch.  I had a spinach salad with chicken, cranberries, grapes, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese.  My mom and I also split some breadsticks.

013 014

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping and watching a few episodes of Wipeout.  I don’t care what anybody says, this show is hilarious.

My mom and I decided to go to the Fresh Market and we couldn’t help stopping in Athleta…we ended up buying eachother birthday presents :).


Just because she is so darn cute…


What do you think?

Do you think the Easter Bunny is a little scary looking?

What are your Easter plans?

Dinner with family 🙂



SNOW Day…and shopping!

AB sleeping update:  She slept from 8 pm to 5:45 am the other night!  It was so amazing!  She did not repeat that last night…

We woke up to a winter wonderland yesterday…just a reminder, it is officially Spring time.  Even though most people were not happy about the snow, I know two pretty ladies that were delighted!

020 007 010

Morgan and Kenzie live in a magical place that is almost always warm and sunny, so this was their first time seeing snow!

While Kenzie, Emmy, my mom, and I decided to hit the mall, Morgan took full advantage of the snow and went tubing with some of my family.  She had a great time!

021 022

Before we went to the mall, I did a little workout of the day (WOD) in the basement.  It looked like this:

Warmup (repeat 3 times)

50 jumping jacks

50 jogs

30 Heismans

30 1-2-3’s

50 butt kicks

50 high knees

Workout (repeat 3 times)

10 walking pushups

20 burpeees

20 squat jumps

20 in and out abs

20 belt kicks

20 tricep dips

Plank (hold for as long as possible)

It was a great workout and I definitely worked up a sweat.


When we finally got to the mall, we were all pretty hungry.  We decided on the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  They have a whole menu with “Skinnylicious” items and there was a lot to choose from.  I ordered the turkey and avocado sandwich with a green salad and swapped half of my sandwich with my mom for some of her chinese chicken salad.  It was all very good.

013 015

and then this happened…


I decided that I like cake way better than cheesecake, so I ate the chocolate cake layers and left the cheesecake ones.  Since I didn’t eat it all, it really doesn’t count right?  😉

We did a lot of shopping and I ended up getting a few of the same shirts as Emmy and Kenzie.  Emmy and I are super excited to be twinners, but I’m not sure Kenzie is excited to be twins with her 30 year old Aunt.  My mom bought Annabelle some summer time essentials…

017 023

They are big on her now, but she will be so stylish for next baseball season!!!  🙂

I bought this stuff from Victoria’s Secret.  Have any of you tried it?


What do you think?

Snow:  Pretty or inconvenience?


Do you like to shop?

Most of the time, but some days I’m just not into it.

Do you like cheesecake?

Not as much as I used to.

I love Target…and sweat of course.

I started off the morning with another Bikram yoga class.  It’s really addicting for me…I always feel great afterwards and I like to keep going and see how I can improve.  For those of you who are interested in taking a Bikram class, I will be doing a post soon about how to prepare and what to bring with you for your first class.  Disclaimer:  I am by no means an expert, but I have stopped and started a few times so I have also had that “first class experience” a few times.

After yoga sweaty, red face glow 🙂


I was starving when I got home, so I made my mom and I breakfast.  I made OMG Pancakes again and my mom (and Molly) really enjoyed them.  The recipe calls for almond butter, but I used this super good cookie butter from Trader Joe’s instead.

I had the super idea to try and make these as waffles in the waffle maker.  I don’t suggest that you try it…


I used the remaining batter and made pancakes topped with blueberries and maple syrup.


Our afternoon excitement included a trip to Target.  I seriously cannot leave the store without buying something that I don’t need.  I did buy things that I needed…tp, napkins, tissues, face wash…but I of course ended up with a few extras.  The baby section sucks me in every time.

008 009 010 011 012 013

I really wish they made the yellow jacket outfit for adults so that me and Annabelle could be twinners.  I also bought a few things off of the workout clothes sale rack.  Let’s be honest, one can never have too many pairs of running shorts or sports bras :).

I had planned on making dinner, but it was already getting late when we finished shopping and we were starving.  We went to Texas Roadhouse for healthy salads…topped with fried chicken and honey mustard dressing :).  Everything in moderation right?


What do you think?

What do you usually make for breakfast on the weekends?

Pancakes, waffles, or eggs

Do you love Target as much as I do?


Waffles and snow storm essentials

I apologize for being lame and not posting yesterday, but time got away from me…busy life of a stay at home mom (I’m pretending that I never have to go back to work.).

Yesterday morning I made waffles for breakfast.  I had never used TJ’s multigrain mix before, but it was quite good and the waffles turned out nice and fluffy.  I only had to add milk, egg whites, and 3 tablespoons of oil, so the nutrition stats aren’t too bad…so we each ate one and a half huge waffles :).

010 011

After breakfast we finally watched “Flight”, the $20 Redbox rental…yes, we finally returned it yesterday.  I must say, we were pretty disappointed.  The first 30 minutes was good and the last 30 mintues was good, but everything in between was pretty slow.

Once the movie was over, it was time for Insanity.  Yesterday’s workout was Pure Cardio.  This was by far the hardest day so far.  After the warmup, which is very challenging, we did 6 minutes of stretching and then about 20 minutes of full on cardio.  The other workouts had 30 second waterbreaks every so often, but not this one.  We started and didn’t stop until it was time to cool down and stretch.  Chris and I were both drenched!  I’m not sure if I ever discussed why we are doing Insanity…I want to fit into my old (pre pregnancy) pants and Chris wants to fit into his current pants :).

I was super hungry after our workout, so I had a Chobani yogurt.  I’m really loving these things…I like a little crunch in my yogurt.


Since they are forecasting a pretty significant snowfall for our area (starting overnight tonight) Chris and I went to the store to stock up on the essentials.  I won’t bore you with everything we bought, but here is a picture of the most important items.

014 015

Today’s agenda includes more Insanity and I hope to get out for a run and test out my new shoes!  Just because every post should include Miss AB, here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last few days.  Happy Tuesday everybody!

004 008 020 013




A stressful morning, a lunch date, and Trader Joe’s

This morning had a stressful start.  Since I had a 10:15 doctor’s appointment this morning, I set my alarm to get up at 8.  I was so tired that I turned off my alarm clock and woke up on my own at 8:45.  I had to shower, get ready, and feed Annabelle and leave the house no later than 9:45.  I somehow made it out of the house by 9:47 but ran into traffic on the way.  Despite all of this, I made it to my appointment and I am cleared for all of my normal activities.  Chris and I have a date with INSANITY tomorrow morning and I will be hitting the trail on Saturday morning!

Next on the agenda was lunch with my friend Dana and her beautiful 3 week old baby girl.  We ate at Don Pablo’s and since I was still flustered when I arrived (I was like 45 minutes late…) and AB was crying, I failed to take any pictures of the food.  The lunch entertainment was watching how many groups were sat at the table behind us and then asked to be moved…our babies were sleeping angels and I have no idea why people didn’t want to sit next to a table with two infants under 6 weeks old.

Don Pablo’s lists the calorie count for all of the dishes…it’s pretty difficult to order something when you know it has 1500 calories.  We both ordered the Skinny Enchiladas with black beans.  I believe our dish had 465 calories.  We will not count the calories in the adult beverages that we may or may not have consumed.

After lunch I decided to stop at Trader Joe’s for a few things.

I had forgotten that the shopping carts are not very large and AB’s car seat took up the entire thing.  I was able to put some things in the child seat, but I was forced to make hard decisions.  Do I get apples or chocolate chip cookies?

Here is what I bought:

  • pita chips
  • multigrain pancake/waffle mix
  • chocolate cats cookies (for people, not for cats)
  • whole wheat hamburger buns
  • chili lime turkey burgers
  • chunky guacamole
  • frozen strawberries
  • edamame
  • orange chicken
  • rice
  • sweet potato gnocchi
  • lavender hand and body lotion


A little later on I went to Giant and bought bananas, eggs, and yogurt.  I really went to the store for cookies and cream ice cream but let’s pretend that didn’t happen.


Have you seen these things?  I wear my ponytail holder as a bracelet every day…why did I not think of this?


Even though my best friend Lauren informed me that nobody cares what I had for dinner, I will tell you anyway :).

The other half of my Subway sub, an apple, and some pita chips.


I am super exhausted so please keep your fingers crossed that Annabelle is ready to sleep tonight!

AB is sporting her baby jail-bird outfit tonight…I absolutely love these socks. ❤

002 007




Welcome!…and a baby always needs new clothing.

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for reading my first post!  I will be talking about my day to day life of being a mommy, running, eating, and sleeping (very little) while I enjoy the rest of my maternity leave.  I will also be posting some “Getting to know me” posts to talk about the past big events in my life.

Since I have not been officially given the OK to exercise yet (my 6 week appointment is on Thursday), I took Molly for a walk this morning for some exercise.  She is not really the best walker because she needs to sniff EVERYTHING and she doesn’t understand the concept of loose leash walking.  We walked for about a half hour and I was happy to get moving for a little while.  When we got inside I did a few pushups and sit ups…I cannot wait to start running this weekend!

iPhone Pics 22413 019

I finally made breakfast around 11:30 (once my husband Chris finally got out of bed).  Stuffed french toast was on the menu this morning.  This french toast is extremely easy to make…take two pieces of bread and put whatever you would like inside and dip the bread in the egg mixture and cook!  I use a panini maker to cook my french toast and it makes it super easy.

iPhone Pics 22413 013

iPhone Pics 22413 014

Chris’ dad, sister, and niece came to visit a little while later.  Annabelle is always happy to have visitors hold her while she sleeps :).  Once they left, we decided to head to Old Navy and Kohls.  I heard that Old Navy was having a Kids and Baby sale so I wanted to check it out.  I bought AB a sun hat, onsie, jean shorts, and a top from Old Navy and an Easter dress from Kohls.  I also bought myself some workout clothing from Old Navy and I cannot wait to try them out!



On the way home we stopped at Sons of Sicily for pizza.  My side of the pizza was healthy because it was covered with spinach and mushrooms ;).  AB started getting  upset so I only had time to eat two pieces…thanks for the help with portion control!  Giant is right next to the pizza place and I may or may not have sent Chris to get some cookies and cream ice cream.


Now to watch the Oscars!

What do you like on your pizza?

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Do you watch the Oscars?