Fan Fridays!

Seeing that I don’t have many “fans”, this may be the first and last Fan Fridays post. 🙂

My friend Lauren’s husband Rob is an avid Running4two reader and I am so happy that he got everyone on board…even Linden who is now my #1 fan. This picture made my night!

From left to right: Justin, Linden, Amber, Rob, and Lauren. They spent the evening making the S’mores bars that I found on this awesome blog. If you need a good BBQ dessert, this is a winner…I’ve eaten one every night for the last week!
Here is Amber showing off her mixing skills.

Linden was in charge of the note taking. Rob is in the background…he was in charge of the beer drinking.

The finished product!

If you want to be a part of Fan Fridays, send your pics to!.