Running around in circles.

I wonder if people think it’s weird that we (runners) choose to brave the elements and run really fast around a circle a bunch of times. We know this as a track workout but some people think this is crazy…and I guess it kind of is. 🙂

Thankfully, the weather was sooo much better than last week and we hit all of our times today.

Today’s Workout

10-20 minute warmup
1000m in 4:09 (we did 4:05)
2000m in 8:38 (we did 8:20)
1000m in 4:09 (we did 4:07)
1000m in 4:09 (we did 4:07)
10-20 minute cool down

With the run to and from the track and one cool down mile on the treadmill, I finished with about 5 miles for the day.
My lunch was chicken salad with grapes on a pretzel roll and side of fruit. If you haven’t tried a pretzel roll, you are really missing out. Please find one ASAP.

I’ve actually been super busy at work lately (crazy, I know), so snack time came before I knew it. My snack time is usually between 4 and 4:30 and it is almost always Greek yogurt with something yummy mixed in. I am in LOVE with Dannon Oikos yogurt and I usually buy strawberry and banana cream. Today’s selection was banana cream with a Hershey kiss mixed in. PS I found the Hershey kiss in my desk drawer and I cannot say how long it may have lived there. 🙂

Dinner was super healthy and delicious but I didn’t get a picture because Annabelle was using my phone to watch Sesame Street on YouTube. She is OBSESSED with Jason Miraz singing “Outdoors”…a song about playing outdoors sung to the tune of his “I’m yours” song.

I think it’s pretty clear what happens after dinner every night. Tonight’s selection was…

Annabelle loves to play with the remote, so it’s best to not get too attached to what’s on TV. We tried the whole take the batteries out of an old remote trick and she wants nothing to do with it unless it actually works. We have a baby genius on our hands.

It’s way past my bedtime, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

What was your workout today?

Do you watch much TV?

What time do you usually go to bed?