Brinner, fro yo, and an early wake up call.

By the time I got home last night, Annabelle was asleep and my parents had already eaten dinner. Therefore, I just cooked a quick and easy egg sandwich = brinner (breakfast for dinner).

Thomas’s everything bagel

Egg whites with cheese

Hot pepper jelly (this stuff is amazing!). It is actually pretty sweet and it goes great with eggs. My friend’s daughter makes it in case you are interested in buying some. 🙂

Finished product!

My mom and I looked through the Title Nine and Athleta magazines while I ate. (FYI – my dream job would be a stay at home mom who models for Athleta on the side.) Maybe someday right?

I love Thursday nights…eating fro yo while watching Honey Boo Boo. This was our second try at taking a picture and this was the best one. LOL.

My alarm was set for pretty early this morning.

Annabelle decided that I should wake up even earlier at 4. I got her back to sleep around 4:45 and headed to the gym.

Tempo Run

1 mile at a 8:45 pace
5 miles at a 7:35 pace

I wore the low cut Pro Compression socks for the first time and I LOVED them. I’m sure I’ll be buying way too any pairs of these. I’m still rocking my Brooks Pure Flow 2s…they never let me down.

I quickly showered and headed into work. My appetite wasn’t real there, but I ate frosted mini wheats and a banana with skim milk.

I was very surprised that there were 7 grams of protein in this serving of cereal, so I managed to get a good mix of carbs and protein (and potassium) with this breakfast. 🙂

Now looking ahead to dinner…maybe pizza to carbo load for my 20 miler tomorrow morning!?!?!?

What are your Friday night plans?

What time did you get up today?

Going old school.

I tried something new for breakfast today and it was pretty darn tasty. I bought these on a whim at Giant, but they ended up being very good.

I topped them with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and it made for a satisfying breakfast. I also had a soy chai from Starbucks…this always helps to make the morning better. 🙂

My usual workout on Thursday is a body pump class, but the instructor was out and another trainer substituted. The guy that filled in is super nice and has A LOT of energy. He tends to teach the class as he goes along and we ended up doing 5 minutes of squats! Even though the class was a bit unorganized, I did feel it was a good workout. My tempo run tomorrow morning should feel great after all of those squats…

Lunch was raw veggies from my work cafeteria topped with chicken salad from a local farmers market. It was so delicious! If you have never put red grapes in you chicken salad, please try it!

My afternoon was really dragging along, so I decided to go old school and write with a paper and PENCIL instead of typing. It was so therapeutic. I’m going to do this more often!

I think snack time is rolling around…it’s such a big decision!

And the winner is…

If you could pick one thing out of my snack pile, what would it be?

When is the last time you used a pencil?

Weird weather and speed work on the mill.

My day started with a 2 hour and 15 minute commute. It’s a good thing I love my Subaru.

I was starving by the time I got to work and I was in need of coffee in a bad way. This flavor Clif Bar is amazing.

It was snowing on my drive into work, but it got really crazy around 10:30 am.

This was the view at 11:00 am. Crazy weather, but at least the sun is shining!

Since running outside hasn’t been the easiest with the snow covered sidewalks and streets, I decided to do my track workout on the (tread)mill today.

2 mile warmup at a 9:13 pace

3 miles at 6:53 pace with a 1 minute rest interval in between each mile

1.5 mile cool down at an 8:30 pace

6.5 miles total

I wore my new Pro Compression socks…yes, you can never have too many pairs of these.

I was very pleased at how “easy” this pace felt. When I say “easy” it just means that I wasn’t out of breath and I felt somewhat comfortable. 🙂

Recovery food = leftover pasta and chicken meatballs. It was even better than last night but it still photographs terribly.

Annabelle went from riding her zebra…

…to taking 8 unassisted steps today! I can’t wait to see her in action later!

Leftovers? Love them or hate them?

Favorite Clif Bar flavor?

Where I spend 40 hours a week.

Today was another normal Tuesday…work, body pump, work, dinner, Dance Moms, sleep. My food pictures today are not very appetizing.

Yogurt with crushed up Belvita biscuits.

Whole wheat pasta with sun dried tomato chicken meatballs and whole wheat biscuits.

My dad hating enjoying Dance Moms. 🙂

As I was packing up to leave work, I decided you guys might want to see where I spend my (work) days. In case you don’t spend your days in a cubicle, this is what you are missing. 😉

My monitors with the best thing in the whole wide world on the screen.

My gym bag, gym clothes, and jacket corner.

What’s in my filing cabinet? Running gear, pro compression socks, and work shoes.



Do you have a desk job?

What would be your dream job?

What was for dinner tonight?

Weekend Recap…lots of pictures.

Hi everyone! I had a busy, but fun, 3 day weekend and I’m sad that it’s over. I hope you had a great weekend too. 🙂


7 mile run. 2 miles at an 8:30ish pace and ten 45 second pick ups to break up the run. The first pick up was at speed 8.0 and the last pick up was at 9.6.



Friday afternoon office shenanigans. 😉

I left work while it was still light out!

Dinner = carbo loading.


18 mile run! Even though parts of our route were solid sheets of ice, we made it through and ended feeling great. Thanks for the recovery drink Jeanette!



Lunch with a few lovely ladies.

Cold Stone with my beautiful preggers roommate from college.




Brunch with Chris’ dad.


I finally cleaned out Annabelle’s pack n play and she loves to crawl through the opening.


Breakfast at the diner.


I finally organized under our kitchen sink.


8 miles on the treadmill (2 miles warmup at 8:30, 6 miles at an 8:00 pace) I was on a treadmill that only allowed 30 minutes at a time, so I had to restart 3 times. And yes, I had to get in that last .1 mile. 🙂



Pretty winter evening sky.


What was the best part of your weekend?

Fun Things Friday!

1. It’s Friday! That’s fun enough right? It’s time to break out and enjoy the weekend!

2. 18 miler on the books for tomorrow! Yes, this is fun. 🙂

3. I am hanging out with some girlfriends tomorrow afternoon…lunch and mani/pedis! I am so looking forward to this. I do feel bad for the poor soul who has to work on my runner’s feet.

4. I used a new shampoo this morning and my hair smells and feels amazing. Does anybody else get really excited about new shower products?

5. I’m wearing my new Origami Owl necklace today. Trying out gold again, it’s coming back in style…I think. 😉


Tell me something fun about your Friday!

A (sort of) tempo run.

I woke up feeling a little blah again this morning. My stomach felt weird and like it hadn’t digested anything from the night before. Anybody feel like that before? Luckily I had a 1 1/2 hour commute to try and feel better and then I enjoyed some time sitting in my car hoping the rain would stop long enough for me to walk into work.

I ate a Lemon Zest Luna Bar and worked until it was time for lunch a run. I didn’t feel great going into it, but the sun was shining and it was so warm! So warm = about 40-45 degrees. Since we were pounded with snow last week, many of the sidewalks were still snow/ice/slush covered and we had to take those spots very easy.

Mile 1 and 2 included some snowy spots and we picked up the tempo for mile 3 and 4. Mile 5 was a mix of good and bad running conditions and then we pushed it at the end once we got to a clear sidewalk. Total 5.75 miles and I was in just my running skirt, tank top, and pro compression socks at the end. It felt sooo good to feel warm sunshine!

Tonight has been very low key…I made whole grain chocolate chip pancakes and egg whites with cheese for dinner and did some Olympics watching. 🙂


Great picture I know…

Have you been watching the Olympics? Favorite event?

Do you like chocolate chips in your pancakes? You know my thoughts on this. 🙂

I’m still here!…and why do guys do this?

Hi everybody! I’m sure you were missing my daily recaps of eat, work, run, eat ice cream, and repeat…don’t worry, I’m back. 🙂 I sure missed you guys.

Annabelle and I got sick over the weekend, so when you combine sickness and a sick baby and no sleep, there isn’t much time for anything else. Thankfully, I think we are all on the mend now.

Let’s recap the past few days…

Friday, Valentine’s Day

Jillian Michael’s workout

Quiet dinner with Chris and Annabelle…I made BBQ chicken in the crockpot and served mashed sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts on the side.




Dinner (grilled cheese with strawberry jelly)

I started feeling sick that night. 😦


Sick. Slept most of the day and then just hung out on the couch. 😦


Relaxed and then I thought some activity would make me feel better, so I did another Jillian workout. I even showered…it was the first time since Friday evening. Yes, I’m gross but I was sick.


Back to work after being off two days for snow, 2 days for the weekend, and one day for the holiday. I managed to get in a 6 mile run, but it was TOUGH.

1 mile warmup
2 miles at 8:00
2 miles at 7:30
1 mile at 8:00

The guy running on the treadmill next to me kept blowing his nose…into his shirt. Why do guys do this when a bathroom is steps away? Get some toilet paper please!

I wasn’t really hungry afterwards, but I ate a salad of grilled chicken and raw veggies.



I hope you guys are having a happy and healthy week so far. 🙂

When was the last time you were sick?

Have you ever done a Jillian Michael’s workout?

I could get used to this.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is another snow day! Did I really shovel for 3 hours yesterday or was I dreaming?!?!?

A big thank you to our neighbor who came to the rescue with a snow blower. 🙂

I could really get used to being at home all day. It’s so fun to make breakfast and hang out with Annabelle (and Chris) all morning.

Blueberry multi-grain pancakes (Tip: add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon for a more flavorful pancake)


Annabelle did the cutest thing this morning. Right before Sesame Street started (I have no idea how she knew it was coming on), she sat in her chair and bounced around with excitement. Love her <3.

We ate breakfast pretty early, so I was ready for lunch before noon. I went with a classic pb and j with pop chips and a pear.

Once Annabelle went down for her nap and Chris was at the store, I sat down and relaxed with a good friend…Godiva.

I’m hoping to get to the gym and RUN later today. I need some endorphins in a bad way. 🙂

What are your plans tonight?

Do you like V Day or do you think it’s overrated?

When you can’t run, shovel!

Since I ate a delicious chocolate donut pretty early this morning, I was ready for second breakfast around 10:30. I made us eggs, potatoes with onions, and bagels. 🙂

Annabelle spent the morning playing with the snow on the other side of the door.

Since I obviously couldn’t go out for a run, I decided that shoveling (about 15 inches of snow) would be a great workout.

In a little over 2 hours, I had shoveled out our front sidewalk, driveway, and some of our outer sidewalks. I didn’t shovel out the back of our driveway because it made more sense to wait for the plow to come through first.

I was pretty hungry when I got back inside, so I snacked on yogurt with sliced banana and cinnamon granola.

A little while later I went back out and shoveled out the last part of the driveway. Total shoveling time = 3 hours! I wonder how many calories I burned? Enough to have a huge bowl of ice cream? I believe so! FYI…Chris offered to shovel and would have done so, but I insisted on doing it. 🙂

After shoveling round 2, I was so ready for a shower and dinner. While our pizza was cooking, Annabelle and I snacked on some animal crackers. I just can’t eat one. They are just too good.


Annabelle is now in bed and I will enjoy my nightly ice cream ritual while watching a movie with Chris.

Oh yea, it’s blizzarding again.

How do you stay active when you can’t do your regular activities?

If you live somewhere warm, what was the temperature today??