Fun Things Friday!

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO ready for the weekend. I get to spend 2 whole days with my family and this cutie. She has such good manners and points at everybody. LOL.

“Fun” Things!

1. I treated myself to an egg and cheese bagel sandwich for breakfast this morning. It was a very good decision.


2. I was able to run outside today and I was very warm!

3. I had a nutritious and delicious lunch. We all know what that means, more dessert!


4. I am super comfy today and in a great mood because of leggings (woah, lint!) and boots. I love this combo.

5. It’s date night and I’m running 16 miles in the morning. So excited for both!

What are your Friday night plans?

How many pairs of boots do you own? 2 high, 2 low, 1 snow, 2 Uggs 🙂

My heart hurts.

Today was not the best day. Have you ever read a story/saw something on the news (this particular story involved a baby) that physically hurt your heart and you could not stop thinking about it? Something that caused tears that you could not stop? I was there today and I was even fighting tears during body pump. Needless to say, I had a rough time getting it out of my mind.

I really wanted to leave work early and rush home to hug my baby girl, but I stayed at work and she was asleep when I finally got home…Third night in a row for this and I cannot wait for the weekend.


Ok, now for the normal nonsense… 🙂

Today’s workout: body pump and 15 minutes on the bike

Tonight’s dinner: Chick Fil A Salad and a cookie and Arctic Zero sundae




Please tell me something happy/fun/silly about your day!

Workouts and food…a few of my favorite things!

My weekdays are pretty much the same each and every week. I go to work, workout at lunch time, work, eat, hopefully see AB for a few minutes, and try to get some sleep. I certainly do love the weekends. Anyway…here is a recap of my workouts for the past few days.

Saturday: boot camp in Florida with my brother and SIL

Sunday: eat as much as I can 🙂

Monday: 9.4 miles outside in 70 degrees and sunshine! I did some tempo miles and ran the last 4.7 miles at a 7:23 pace.

Tuesday: body pump and 10 minutes on the elliptical. The gym was super hot and humid and I sweat way more during body pump than I usually do. It felt so good.

Wednesday: 7 miles at an 8 minute pace…on the treadmill…it was so boring, but it’s an icy and cold mess outside.
Now for the food recap! I’ve been trying to get back on the healthy train since returning from Florida where I ate boat loads of ice cream, brownies, and cupcakes. 🙂

Chopped salad from Subway. This was so good…spinach, lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, chicken, ranch dressing, and a drizzle of BBQ sauce.

Breakfast of champions.

This wasn’t a lot of food, but it was pretty tasty.

This is the best snack ever.

Totally random stuff for today…

I wore red corduroy leggings to bed last night.

I love this picture. ❤


How would you rate your workouts this week on a scale from 1 to 10? 10 is the best! I’m going with a 9!

Do you wear real pajamas or just sweats/ T-shirts? I LOVE pajamas and I have a lot, but I just can’t seem to find them right now.

Family time, sunshine, and lots of food.

Late last night, we arrived home after a fun-filled weekend visiting my brother, SIL, and nieces in Florida. Here is a recap of our trip in pictures. 🙂

Coffee and pedicures! My runner’s feet needed some TLC.


Food and ice cream!








A walk to the park and mini photo shoot. My SIL is a very talented photographer. 🙂 I love this little girl so much.







Sunset before we flew home yesterday. Such beautiful weather.


Such a wonderful weekend. 🙂

I’m on a plane.

Yesterday was a very long, but fun day…

– wake up at 4:20 for an early morning run…8 recovery miles at an 8:34 pace and a 3:00 minute plank

– egg, ham, and cheese bagel for breakfast

– 3 hours of work

– flight to Florida to visit my brother and his family!!!


Annabelle fell asleep while we were landing…look at that face. 🙂

– grilled chicken salads for dinner

– Koda and I decided it was bed time around 11.


BTW…it’s 66 degrees here right now. Home temperature is 23 degrees. Florida for the win. 🙂

When is the last time you were on a plane?

What’s the temperature where you live?

Eating healthy meals…and dreaming about dessert.

I consider myself a healthy eater. I eat the every week occasional pizza, but for the most part I choose to eat healthy meals. Here are today’s healthy eats so far:

Breakfast: this bar is super good and super satisfying.

Insert Body Pump during lunch: the back and lunge tracks were killer today.

Lunch: turkey, cheese, guacamole, and greens on toasted whole wheat bread with a side of bananas and raspberries.

Snack: Chobani yogurt with cinnamon granola. I have been loving some crunch in my yogurt lately.

Dinner: I’m not sure about dinner yet, but I think I will get a salad from Subway.

Dessert: once my yogurt snack was finished, I was thinking about my after dinner dessert. Maybe some Subway cookies and ice cream? Maybe Sweet Frog? (FYI. Fro yo is considered a healthy dessert no matter how many toppings you add.)

Enjoy the rest of your evening! I have a busy night ahead and I’m already exhausted. Good thing I’ll be running on lots of sugar!

Would you rather have unhealthy meals and no dessert or healthy meals and lots of dessert?

A short work day, a fast workout, and a delicious doughnut.

Because of yesterday’s snow storm, my work was on a 4 hour delay today. I loved sleeping in, eating breakfast at home, and playing with AB before heading to work.

Breakfast was Special K Red Berries with sliced bananas and Silk Vanilla Almond Milk.

Love this little face. 🙂

Lunch was dinner leftovers from last night and I have decided this is one of my new favorite meals.

My mom and I headed to the gym after work and I spent some quality time with the treadmill.

Treadmill Track Workout

8 x 800 meters (1/2 mile) with 1/4 mile active rests in between.

Instagram: lindarunning4two

My legs felt fresh for the first 5 800s, but I was definitely feeling the last 3. This is the fastest I have ever run 800s, so I left the gym very happy…and very sweaty.

Next stop was for manicures! The place we went to is fast, affordable, and they give a short neck/shoulder massage at the end.

Yes, I have very short, tiny nails. No, I do not bite them but I am an OCD filer.

Final stop of the night was Chipotle. I couldn’t stop thinking about it while I was running and it made my tummy very happy.

The grand finale of the night… 🙂

Speed work…love or hate?

Doughnuts…breakfast or dessert?

Snow Day: Food Edition!

Since it snowed all day yesterday, work was cancelled and we hung inside all day long. I did make it to Starbucks before it got too bad out. There was no time to change out of my pjs.


Breakfast: a sweet roll and a grande skinny vanilla soy latte

Lunch: turkey, cheese, and mixed greens sandwich with apples and rice crackers and guacamole

Snack: strawberry Chobani with a chocolate Bevita biscuit crushed up into it. Annabelle ate half of it.

Dinner: apple chicken sausage, whole wheat pearl cous cous, roasted sweet potatoes, onions, and broccoli. Loved this meal!

Dessert: chocolate chip banana bread and a ciao Bella gelato square. 🙂

I wish we were having another snow day, but I’ll be heading to work soon.

Have a great Wednesday!

How often do you cook dinner at home?

Annabelle’s Winter ONEderland!

Annabelle’s first birthday was on January 13th, but we celebrated with a Winter ONEderland party on Saturday, January 11th. 🙂

We spent all of Friday evening getting things ready…decorating, baking, stressing, etc.  These babies were delivered on Friday and they were amazing.


I think my mom has a future in cupcake modeling.


I made Annabelle a mini 3-tier cake as her “smash cake”.  I went overboard on the batter and one of the cakes ended up looking like a snail.  Once I cut off the extra bottom piece, they looked as good as new!


Decorations:  The snowflakes were made by a friend’s 2nd grade class.  Some of them were really, really good!



The banner, welcome sign, and cupcake toppers were made by the Party on Purpose shop on Etsy.  The ladies that run the shop were a pleasure to work with and everything they make is super cute.






I decorated these myself…


This is the birthday girl about an hour into the party.  Being a 1 year old is exhausting!  PS Look how she holds onto my Dad’s fingers while she eats.  It’s so cute.


Smash Cake!


She was surprisingly happy even after we woke her up.


She seemed to really enjoy her cake.  She is my daughter so it’s in her blood to love all things chocolate.


The final product…she desperately needed a bath = successful cake eating.


She is one lucky little girl…look at all of those gifts!



On her actual birthday, I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of being a mommy by eating the second mini 3-tier cake.  I decided it needed a huge scoop of whipped cream because everything is better with whipped cream.


It was such a special day and I am so grateful for all of our family and friends who came to help us celebrate.  Annabelle is lucky to have all of you in her life!  I can’t wait to see how she changes and grows this year.  🙂

* Special THANKS to my parents…I am so grateful for all of your help! ❤

The best gym selfie.

Even though I had off work today, my day started bright and early at 6:30. Annabelle has not been sleeping well because of her cold, so that means none of us are sleeping well. I feel like a zombie.

The best way to fight sleepiness, an egg and cheese bagel sandwich and a coffee.

Since I ran 10 miles yesterday, I made today a cross-training day and headed to the gym.

Today’s Workout
– 30 minutes on the elliptical
– 15 minutes on the bike
– 2000 meters on the rowing machine
– 1:00 minute side plank (1 per side)
– 3:00 minute plank

I’ve decided my best selfies block out my face. 🙂 I’m not sure what I was taking a picture of, but my hair looks really dirty dark and I LOVE that headband. You can get it here!

The rest of the night included dinner with my parents and hanging with Burrito (Annabelle’s nickname).

Oh yea, I’m almost forgot about this. 🙂

Here’s hoping for a snow day tomorrow! I could really use some extra sleep.

Are you expecting snow tomorrow?

What’s your favorite running accessory?