Down for the count.


Long story short, I started feeling sick on Monday night (I even bought fro yo and didn’t eat it!), felt pretty bad yesterday morning, and had to be driven home by coworkers yesterday before lunch. Thanks for helping out Kelly and Scott. I’m still feeling not so great this morning…:-(

I hope you all are happy and healthy this morning. If not, feel better soon!

A new Sunday evening tradition.

Yesterday afternoon was the perfect weather for a run. I headed out and did 6 easy miles and was instantly happier when I was finished.


Sunday night dinner has now become Pizza and ice cream. We just got a Papa Johns in our town so this is exciting stuff.


Annabelle decided on the ever popular insoles for dinner.

We watched Homeland and got a great night of sleep…AB has been sleeping through the night recently and it is awesome sauce.
After eating so much crap delicious food last night, I woke up ready for today’s run. I headed out at lunch with my running group and we did 6.3 miles at a 7:54 pace. My friend Jeanette is coming off an injury and she asked me to push her for a few miles. We sped up and did a few 7:30 miles and she did awesome. She was sidelined for over 6 months! 😦

Rocking my Pure Flow 2s, Pro Compression socks, and running skirt.

I’m not feeling too hot tonight…I got my flu shot this afternoon (I sometimes get flu-like symptoms from it) and my knee is giving me trouble.

She makes me feel better.


Do you get a flu shot?

Camouflage and the best way to shop.


Chris left for a paint ball/camping bachelor party yesterday morning. He was sporting his new camo gear and he finally fits in where we live now.

After Chris left, my mom came and we had pumpkin pancakes with Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips. I even made Molly and Annabelle one. Annabelle’s is pictured below…don’t worry, hers didn’t have chocolate in it. 🙂

I tried white chocolate chips this morning and they were amazing.

After breakfast we headed to our happy place, Target, and Annabelle was excited to finally wear her new winter coat.

She decided she didn’t like sitting in the cart anymore, so we put her in a storage bin and she was a happy camper.

After spending way too much money only buying what I needed, we headed to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I got the chicken critter salad with light ranch dressing. PS this is really the only place I get fried chicken…it’s really good.

Dinner may have been followed up with ice cream…

Fast forward to this morning…Annabelle woke up refreshed and happy because she slept from 9 pm to 8:45 am. Hallelujah!!! I’m one happy mommy.

I ran long on Friday and took yesterday off, so I am so ready to get a run in today!

What are your Sunday plans?

We learned a valuable lesson.

When you are trick-or-treating, do not get there towards the end.  The event was from 4-8 pm last night but when we got there around 7 pm, almost all of the candy was gone.  We ended up with a few lollipops and 2 Hershey’s kisses.  Be prepared to see the cutest baby unicorn in the entire world.



We have two more trick-or-treats on the schedule and we will be arriving on time for those.  🙂

After we were done being really upset about the candy situation trick-or-treating, we headed to Panera Bread for dinner.

I ordered the autumn squash soup and the sierra turkey sandwich with a side of bread.  The bread was warm and fresh out of the oven…I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t usually happen.


If you haven’t tried this soup yet, please go try it before they stop having it.  It is the perfect soup for a chilly fall night.

You know what else is perfect on a chilly fall night, fro yo.


Have a wonderful Saturday!

If you have children, what are they being for Halloween?

Fruity candy or chocolate candy?

I think you all know the answer to this one.



Yay, we made it to the weekend! Here’s a bunch of randomness from my day…you’re welcome. 🙂

10 mile run during my lunch break

Awesome pre-run breakfast…wheat toast with almond butter and sliced banana. I ate this amount times 2.

My coworkers, Alex and Kelly, are trying to get back on track with diet and exercise. Kelly, who gained the Furlough Five, did her “Girls Next Door” workout video 3 times this week and yoga once this week. Alex went to the gym 3 times this week and he was feeling his leg workout from yesterday today. Way to go guys!

I am so excited for tonight. Annabelle is putting on her costume for the first time and we are going trick or treating at a local mall. Don’t worry, I’ll take a ton of pictures.

Leave some encouraging words for Alex and Kelly!

My Hunger Games

Ever since this past weekend (very busy and lots of running), I have been sooo hungry. I’ve been eating more often and I am thoroughly enjoying it. 🙂 Here are some foods I’ve enjoyed this past week. PS Don’t judge my dessert intake. Dessert is and always will be a food group in my mind.

I ate 4 pieces of pizza and a cookie ice cream sundae on Sunday evening.



Turkey and provolone on a pretzel roll from a local farmer’s market.


Burrito bowl from Chipotle. This was probably the third time I’ve ever eaten Chipotle and I plan to become a more frequent customer now. 🙂

Pumpkin bread with maple almond butter and a banana.

Grilled cheese (made on a panini maker) and black bean and vegetable soup…side of baby foot towards the top. 🙂

Milk and cookies…I may have had this number of cookies times 2…and plus 1.

Lots of salad.

Hot chocolate and chocolate covered pretzels.

Luna bars and Larabars.



What is the best thing you ate this week?
Are you a dessert person?

Runner’s World Half Marathon Recap

The half marathon (the third race of the hat trick) started at 8 am on Sunday morning. I woke up at 5:45, got some hotel lobby coffee, and boarded the 6:15 shuttle to the Steel Stacks.

Once we got there, we had plenty of time to hang out and eat breakfast. I had a chocolate power bar about an hour before the race started.

Me and my roomie Toni before the race 🙂

At around 7:30, we headed to the start line which was about a mile up the road. We really didn’t give ourselves enough time to check our bags and get back to the start line (partially our fault for waiting so long, but the bag check was beyond the start line and we had to back track). There was also a bag drop at the finish line, so runners could choose the one that best fit their needs. FYI the bags dropped at the start line were taken down to the finish line during the race.

The race started promptly at 8 am. I started off in the 8:00 min pace group with my friend Lisa…and my BFF Summer Sanders. Once we crossed the start line, I never saw Summer again. New running goal=be as fast as Summer Sanders.

I had originally wanted to run under 1:46, but after trashing my legs on the 5k and 10k, I decided to just see what I could do. I felt great at the beginning and the first couple of miles were at a sub 8 pace. The crowds were great, the runners were enthusiastic, and the volunteers were wonderful.

The half marathon course was similar to the 5k and 10k in parts, but we definitely got to see more of the beautiful city of Bethlehem during the half.


My friend Lisa pulled ahead of me around mile 6-7 and I trucked along for the rest of the race. I was just happy to be running and happy to be there, so finishing was all that really mattered.

At mile 12, the 8:25 pace group came up behind me and I decided I would stick with them for the last mile. I finished in 1:49:48 with an average pace of 8:22. All things considered, I’m pretty happy with that. 🙂 Half marathon PR…I’m coming to get you in December.

Lisa finished her first half marathon in 1:47:01 with an average pace of 8:09. Way to go Lisa!

After the race we took lots of pics because it was almost time for us all to part ways. 😦

Heather, Susan, Jocelyn, Me, and Monica

Thanks for the photo Kristin

My new BFFs Janae and Sarah 🙂

I cannot believe how awesome this weekend was! A big thank you to Runner’s World for giving me this awesome opportunity. I got to meet a group of fun bloggers and runners and I can’t wait to continue these new friendships!

Happy Running! Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you…


RW Day 3: Awesome food and feeling inspired.

On Saturday evening, we had a pasta dinner with the RW editors. After running 2 races that morning, we were all famished and ready to eat.

When I saw the dessert table, I had to go over and get a picture. Such a beautiful sight.


Yup, I had one of each. The stuff in the cup was tiramisu and it was sooo good. The cupcakes were pretty good too…I can’t say no to chocolate.
For the main course there was salad, veggies, two types of pasta, pesto, marinara sauce, Alfredo sauce, beef meatballs, turkey meatballs, and bread.

Just about everything is piled onto this plate and I really wish this was going to be my dinner tonight.

After dinner we headed to a presentation by Dave McGillivray who is the race director of the Boston Marathon. His presentation was called “Defining Moments” and it was incredible.

He spoke about defining moments in his life and told stories of his running adventures and people he has met along the way. He is such an incredible speaker and his story is truly inspirational. He had all of us girls laughing one moment and then in tears the next.

After the presentation, he signed copies of his book “The Last Pick” and took pictures with everybody. They sold out of books before I could buy one, but we still got to say hello to him and take a picture. I’ll be buying this book ASAP.

Tina, Theodora, Dave, Me, and Janae

After running two races, eating great food, and getting inspired, I was ready to head to bed and get ready for the third race of the hat trick…half marathon time. 🙂

Day 3: Two Races, One Morning

We got up bright and early on Saturday morning and boarded the shuttle at 6:15 am.  We headed over to the start line and hung out inside until it was time to brave the cold.



My roomie Toni, Katy, Heather, and Theodora

The first race, the 5k, started right at 8 am.  The energy was awesome and everything (packet pick-up, bag check, starting area) was very well organized.  I really wanted to PR, so I took off as fast as I could and I just tried to hold on as long as possible.  I struggled through it and ended up with a 5k PR of 21:24.  That’s a 6:53 pace!

We hung out indoors between races and you can check out our compression socks and our goose bumps below.


The 10k was next with a start time of 9:30.  Since I trashed my legs during the 5k, I didn’t have real high expectations for this race.  I started running with Sarah and Heather and we took it easy for the first mile or so.  Sarah eventually pulled ahead and Heather and I stuck together for the entire way.  She was an awesome pace buddy and I’m glad she was there to keep me going.

10k time 47:33 with an average pace of 7:39.


Heather (photo credit), Sarah, Kristin, Me, Janae, and Jocelyn

With two races finished, there was only one more to go.  The final race of the Hat Trick was the half marathon on Sunday.  I’ll talk about our fun Saturday night festivities and the last race soon.  🙂


Did you race this past weekend?

Have you ever done back to back races?

Runner’s World Half and Festival: Day 2!

If you missed the first post of my Runner’s World weekend, check it here.

(A big thanks to Runner’s World for sponsoring me for this event.  Runner’s World paid for my lodging, meals, activities, and gear throughout the weekend.)

Everyday should include the following things:

***A 3 mile shake-out run with Bart Yasso



***Skirt Olympics put on by Running Skirts.


We each had to sprint and pick up a bag, put on our skirt, run back to the start and put on compression socks, and then run to the finish.  Bart Yasso can sure rock a skirt.


***Breakfast with Bart Yasso

***Shoe seminar by Altra Zero Drop Footwear.  Golden Harper, one of the founders of the company, talked about how the idea of the shoes came about and how the company was started.  He used to make shoes in his family’s toaster oven!

***Running clinic taught by Golden Harper. BTW, he ran a 2:45 marathon when he was 12.

He taught us four tips to improve our running form:

1.  Forward momentum posture:  Run proud!

2.  Compact arms:  Don’t run with chicken arms and keep arms at 90 degrees and push arms back…not forward.

3.  Proper foot strike:  light, quick, smooth, and easy

4.  High cadence:  30 right foot strikes every 20 seconds is ideal.

He had us run without our shoes on…try and it and see how different your form feels.

***Recovery for runner’s class taught by super fit and super fun Melanie Douglas from ICON Fitness.  ICON hooked us up with some awesome gear, all of which can be found at Wal-Mart.  🙂

3-in-1 Massage Roller, Lotus Grip Block, Xfinity Fitness Band, Lotus yoga mat, and yoga tote



Annabelle loved exploring my new swag.  🙂


***Lunch from the Runner’s World Cookbook!  Everything (Caprese Farro Salad, Rodale Green Salad, Mushroom Tacos, and Banana-Oat Energy Bars) was so delicious and I can’t wait to make my way through the book.




Me and Janae 🙂


***Presentation by Pro-Form on the Boston Marathon and iFit Technology.  This treadmill is full of great features…one of my favorites is that you can change the speed with a ring your wear on your hand.  With iFit technology, you can pick to run/walk/hike anywhere in the world and the treadmill changes automatically to match the terrain.

Photo of the entire gang 🙂

***We met Summer Sanders! She is such an amazing athlete!  She spoke about the beginnings of her swimming career and her journey to make an Olympic team.  She is also talked about her family and her running goals.  Being able to meet her and greet her with a hug (we are on hugging terms), was such a great experience.


The night ended with dinner and a movie…Ruby Tuesday salads, soda, and popcorn snuck into the theater to watch Spirit of the Marathon II. Such a great movie and now I really want to run a marathon…in Rome.

And since everyday should end with chocolate…hot chocolate from the hotel lobby. Yup, we are fancy.

Random photo of Annabelle=necessary 🙂

What are your running plans for this week?
Hot chocolate or coffee or tea?