It was a double bath kind of day.

Today was a Body Pump day and I upped my weight for the back track and the squats.  I sweat more than usual and I was absolutely starving after class.

Chicken and Veggies and Chobani with granola for lunch



Banana and peanut butter for afternoon snack


Now, this may gross some of you out, but if you have children or are expecting a child, you will appreciate this story.  I of course thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious because I was at work and did not have to deal with it. 🙂

I received this picture with the caption, “I pooped.”  She sure looks pleased with herself.


This one went up her back and there was no saving the outfit.  At least she got to wear it for a few hours :-/.  Chris then had to give her two baths.  The first bath was to get the initial stuff off.  He then had to clean the tub before giving her a second bath where she finally got clean.  She was happy, clean, and poop free by the time I got home!

I think this picture is so funny…she looks like she is posing and she isn’t wearing pants because Daddy couldn’t find any that fit.


To go along with this umm…theme, go check out this post from Cori.  🙂

Did anything funny happen during your day?


The baby is in bed and I finally got some time to blog…and watch the O’s game.  They are officially out of the playoffs.  😦


Now for some “Knock, knock, knock, HOUSEKEEPING!”  I really should stop writing posts while I am sleep deprived.  🙂

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Have a great night!

Running Apps

I have been using the Map My Run+ app for a while now and it is great for keeping track of distance, time, and splits.  It also has a built in camera that allows me to take awesome pics like this one.


While I really like this app, I am super excited to try a new one…iFit!  iFit is really cool because it collects all of your workout data (time, distance, speed, pace, and elevation) and everything is stored all in one place.  By downloading the iFit running app, you can track your indoor and outdoor workouts and all of your workout data will automatically upload to your iFit account.


When beginning a run, you can choose quick start and the app will just track whatever workout you end up doing.  You can also choose to run based on Time…




and Calories.


Another really cool feature is that you can take any outdoor workout inside by using iFit ready treadmills.  PS The Boston Marathon Treadmill is the Lamborghini of treadmills and it is IFit ready….I would love to have one in my basement for when the weather looks like this.


Do you use a running app?  Which one?

I can’t wait to try iFit on my lunch time run tomorrow :).

New shoes!!!

This morning started in a great way…with one of these.


You should definitely try these ASAP.

After a long weekend getaway, I was more than ready for a run today.  I headed out with Serge and then Lisa met up with us (she went out early and did 4 miles before we started).  It was the perfect day for a run.

Lisa and Serge last week (on Serge’s 64th birthday!)


6.3 miles at a 7:42 pace



We warmed up for 2.25 miles and then picked up the pace for .75 miles.  We used mile 4 as an easy mile and picked up the pace for miles 5 and 6.  The last .38 was a cool down at a 7:55 pace.

Instead of wearing my usual Brooks Pure Flow 2s, I tried out these beauties that came in the mail last week.


These shoes are made by Altra Zero Drop and they are called The One.  Zero Drop Footwear is the world’s first fully cushioned, foot-shaped, training shoe without an elevated heel.  This platform allows for a more natural foot strike and a more efficient and comfortable ride.   The main feature of these shoes are that the forefoot and the heel are the same distance from the ground.

This unique shoe is designed to reduce:

forefoot pain, shin splints, runner’s knee, excessive pronation, and IT band pain.


Things I really liked about this shoe:



-lots of room in the toe area (I ALWAYS get blisters and these felt great.)

-supportive and minimal at the same time

Since I have a history of stress fractures and numerous other running injuries, I am nervous about having a shoe with minimal cushioning. To start, I will use these for short, easy runs to get used to them and then go from there.  But as for my first impression, I think these are really great shoes!

Check out the website and see what they have to offer!

What kind of shoes do you run in?  Do you always stick to the same kind?

Cedar Point Weekend!

We had an awesome weekend at Cedar Point! It’s located along Lake Erie in Sandusky, OH and it is a blast.


CP goes all out for Halloween with decorations and haunted houses/walks.


This is our favorite ride…Millennium Force!

It was great to spend time with my brother and niece Kenzie who came up from Florida. 🙂

Here is a pic of my cousin Carrie, my mom, me, and Kenzie in front of the Top Thrill Dragster. Thanks so so much for the trip Mom!!

We spent 11 hours in the park on Saturday and we were all tired and chilly by the end of the night, but it was so much fun.

The weekend went by too fast, but I was happy to go home and see this cute little thing. What is better than a baby in a football jersey?

What did you do this weekend?

3 hours of sleep and Cedar Point!

Last night we attended Kellie and Mike’s beautiful wedding on the bay. Congrats you two!




Aunt Carrie watched Annabelle for us and she got her to fall asleep at 7:30!

Since we didn’t get home until very late and we had an early flight to catch, I got 3 hours of sleep and needed coffee in a bad way.

My mom, Carrie, and I flew to Cleveland and we are meeting my brother and Kenzie here. We are headed to Cedar Point for the weekend…lots of rides and Halloween themed fun!

Our flight got to Cleveland a bit earlier than John’s, so we have been waiting in this dirty room that smells like exhaust. 😦

Cedar Point here we come!

Do you like roller coasters?

Heated seats in September

Yup, it was 66 degrees when I left work yesterday, but I used my heated seats all the way home. I started feeling pretty crappy halfway through the day yesterday and I was so cold when I got in my car. I’m feeling a little better today, but not great :-(.

So, here is my week so far.

6.3 mile run

This is Serge and Jeanette…I bet they are going to love this angle. They are both super great runners and have really helped me improve.

Body Pump class

I had some healthy eats…

…and some Fall treats!

Annabelle is being cute as usual. 🙂

She fell asleep holding the string of my sweatshirt last night. ❤

My friends are vacationing in California this week. I’m super jealous!

How cute are they?


What makes you feel better when you are sick?
Have you ever seen the Golden Gate Bridge?

My weekend in pictures!

Lunch at Panera Bread with Marissa. I ordered the new roasted turkey and wheat berry salad.


Mani/pedi with my mom 🙂

Annabelle’s “Popeye” face ❤

Pizza for dinner! FACT: If you put veggies on pizza, it makes it super healthy.

10 miler PR! I finished in first place…out of 4 people!

Pumpkin Spice Bagels…umm, yes please.

Ravens game!


Cuban party for Kirstyn’s bday! The food was amazing! Here is a picture of her planking on her old car. LOL. Remember when planking was the in thing to do?


What was the best part of your weekend??

8 months in the blink of an eye

Look who is 8 months old!

What she is doing now:

1. She can get across the room…by rolling.
2. She loves to eat now and will eat most fruits and veggies. She makes this face after every bite. 🙂

3. She can sit up pretty well but sometimes her 91st percentile head makes her fall over.

4. She grabs everything within reach and puts it in her mouth.

5. She loves to relax in high chairs. She also rode in the shopping cart (without her car seat) this weekend!


I have a feeling girlfriend will be crawling pretty soon. Time to baby proof!


A home cooked meal and watch out for your face.

Yesterday’s run was an easy 6.3 miles. It didn’t feel all that easy because it was still a gazillion degrees out.

We finished just in time because a storm was rolling in. BTW, I downloaded the Map My Run+ app and it’s awesome because it has an embedded camera. 🙂

After work, I made a home cooked meal for my mom. Ok, it was nothing fancy but it was healthy and delicious. We had grilled chicken, sweet potato tots, and brussels sprouts.


Annabelle had pumpkin and banana with some oatmeal mixed in. However, she prefers to eat your face if you get close enough. 🙂

She loves her Grandses. PS someone is turning 8 months old today!

What was the last meal you made?
What are your Friday night plans?