Pedicures, Garukabars, and a Mini Workout

I spend my lunch breaks at work doing one of these two things:

1. Working out


2. Getting pedicures with the girls

Yesterday was a pedicure day!


I’m jealous of people that actually have toenails.

For lunch I tried out my free sample of Garukabars. Go to their website and you can get one for just $1.00!


The bar is hand made with whole peanuts, dried cranberries, and raw honey and it was very tasty. I really liked the consistency because it was softer, Rice Krispie treat-ish, and not as dense as other bars. One bar has 260 calories and 10 grams of fat, so I ate half yesterday and I look forward to eating the other half this afternoon. Another great thing about Garukabars is that part of the proceeds to to the International Gorilla Conservation Programme. 🙂

After work I ran a few errands…the jewelry store to pick up my ring, the bank, and the Lube Center (yes, that is what it is called) for an oil change. This place is awesome…my car was ready to go in 10 minutes and they set my clock to the correct time. For the last 5 months I’ve been adding 2 hours and 22 minutes to figure out the correct time.

Since I wanted to get home to this beautiful girl…


… I did a very quick workout. I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes and then did some push ups and abs.

I got home and made dinner…meaning I put the Amy’s frozen pizza in the oven and microwaved the steam fresh Brussels sprouts. :-). This pizza has cheese and pesto on it and it is really good.


Today is a rest day because tomorrow is the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon!!

Do you like pedicures? I have a friend who feels weird about them and I think it is so strange ;-).

Are you good at tapering for races?

A $44 bra and we have a roller!

I have yet to witness this, but Annabelle can now roll from her back to her stomach! Chris said that he put her down on her back on her play mat and then she was on her stomach on the carpet! She is growing up way too fast…


Since Chris spends all day with her, he considers himself a #1 Dad. Yes, he bought this for himself.


Yesterday’s workouts:

1. 3.5 mile run and 10 minutes on the elliptical: I ran at lunch time and it was very warm and humid. I only did a few miles to see how everything was feeling. I have a half on Saturday and I’m praying that nothing major starts hurting. This has happened way too often :-(.

2. Bikram yoga class: It was an awesome sweaty class but I forgot to bring anything to wear. Skipping class was not an option, so I found a pair of capris in my car and bought a bra from the studio. Yup, $44 later and I was the proud owner of a new one-shoulder blue yoga top. I usually wear my running sports bras so this one (which is made for yoga and would not be good for high impact activities) made me feel very stylish and professional.

It looks really similar to this one.


Molly is feeling a little left out since AB gets pictures posted everyday. Here you go Molly…She was a sleepy pup after playing outside in the heat.


What’s your workout today?
Anybody racing this weekend?

Two a days and AB loves country music

It was tough to get out of bed yesterday morning…especially after 3 glorious days off.

A lunch time body pump class got me out of the “back to work funk” I was feeling. If you are ever feeling down, lazy, sluggish…get out and get moving. I PROMISE that you will feel better.

For lunch I enjoyed some veggies


A key lime Chobani


And a peanut honey pretzel Luna bar.

Chris had a doctor’s appointment and Annabelle went over to Jocelyn’s house for a play date with Avery. They are going to be BFFs. Thanks Jocelyn!


On my way home from work I stopped at Gold’s for a second workout. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the bike. I wanted to use the stair master but someone was not following the 30 minute rule during peak hours…


Chris’ dad decided to take us out to dinner and we ended up at one of our favorite places…Texas Roadhouse. I had the grilled chicken salad and AB had the milk. We both loved our meals.


Texas Roadhouse only plays country music :-). Annabelle kept laughing and smiling when I sang to her and she was especially fond of Kenny Cheney and Blake Shelton :-).

What kind of music do you listen to?

What type of workout are you doing today?

Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks to all of the veterans and those still serving! We appreciate all that you do!

Patriotic baby 🙂


After yoga (there were like 50 people in the room and the sweatiness was out of control), we grabbed lunch from Wegman’s. I had a salad from the salad bar and it was fresh and delicious.


We spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching baseball. Annabelle wanted to keep the party rockin…this is her about 10 minutes after being put in her crib for the night.


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

A Run, A Brunch, and a BBQ

Yesterday was a great day for a run…sunny, breezy, and cool. I am happy to report that I didn’t feel any major pains and I am still feeling good today.


Good to know that everything but my chin was protected from the sun :-p.


I was thinking about this French toast for my entire run. We have decided that brunch at Juliana’s is a new Sunday tradition.


After suffering through another horrible O’s loss, we headed to Nick and Kim’s house for a smokin BBQ. We enjoyed a variety of smoked meat, pasta salads, fruit, and desserts. It was a great evening of friends and food :-).

3 mommas with 3 babies all born within 6 weeks of each other.


Kim’s adorable pup, Abby


Pancakes or French toast?

Did you go to a BBQ this weekend?

Lazy Sunday Morning

Ahh, we went to sleep at 10 last night and slept until 8 with only one small interruption. It felt amazing.

I planned on going to yoga this morning, but AB fell asleep on me and I just couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.


You know she is in a deep sleep when she has her mouth open :-).

I plan to go for a run once she wakes up. I am really hoping everything will feel great and I will be good to go for next weekend’s race. After my run, I’m thinking pancakes must happen.

The fun continues this afternoon…BBQ at Nick and Kim’s house :-).


How are you enjoying the long weekend?

Fun Things Friday!

Happy long weekend everybody!

1.  1 year ago today we found out we were expecting this little bundle of joy. 🙂


2.  It’s a long holiday weekend of relaxing and barbecuing with friends.

3.  I ordered a few things from Amazon and I am excited for them to arrive.

Spi Belt – I really like to have my phone with me now (what good is a blogger without a camera!), so I wanted something to carry it (and chapstick)  in.

SPIbelt - Small Personal Item Belt - Great for Runners! (Black w/ Light Pink Zipper)

Foam Roller – I really need a new one of these…I have too much muscle majoy annoying pains stuff going on.

Exervo Nimbus EnduraBead Pro Foam Roller 18" x 6" Full Round

Motherlove More Milk Plus – My supply has gone way down since I started exercising, so I’m hoping this will help.

MotherLove More Milk Plus Vegetarian 60 caps

4. I got to spend more time with Annabelle this morning…at 3:30 am.  Good thing she is so cute!


5. I get to see geese families walking around work each day.  As I was pulling in the parking lot this morning, there was a large family taking a walk.  I tried to hurry and get a good picture, but this is what I ended up with. Look closely, the babies are there. 😉


What plans do you have this weekend?

Anybody doing a race?

A fall marathon? Maybe try a triathlon?

I am really itching to run another marathon. I completed one back in the Fall of 2009, but I was injured and it was not a pleasant experience. In the Spring of 2011 I was scheduled for another marathon…but was injured again and had to drop to the half.

So, I’m thinking of doing either…

The Baltimore Marathon.

PROS:  This race is friendly on the wallet because no travel is involved and I have some friends doing it.

CONS:  I did this race in 2009.


The Charlotte Marathon.

PROS:  I have a friend already planning to go and it would be nice to do a race I haven’t done before.

CONS:  This will cost more because it requires travel…and it requires more time away from home.

To tri or not to tri?

I have some friends (Frank, Lucia, Jeanette, and Heidi…she is an Ironman!) that are awesome triathletes and it is really making me think about trying it out.  I think I am ok with the bike (I will need to work on not braking down hills) and run, but I will need some help on the swimming. I can swim to stay afloat and stuff, but it’s not pretty or speedy. We shall see…

This is Frank. I helped slowed him down during a few 25 mile bike and 6 mile training runs.


What do you think?
Have you ever done a triathlon?
When is your next race?

Two workouts are always better than one!

Getting up this morning was a struggle, but I managed to only leave 10 minutes later than usual…5:55 this morning.  Yes, it is brutal.  Once I got on the highway I was greeted by this…


Just in case you didn’t notice…that says 0 mph (meaning it was safe for me to take this picture because I was at a complete stop).  I’m happy to report that this traffic was not due to an accident…it was construction.

I happily fit in two workouts today :).  I took a body pump class during lunch…

…and hit the gym after work.


As always, I never regret a workout and 2 workouts are always better than just 1!

Today’s meals included:

Overnight Oats with granola and blueberries for breakfast

Veggies and a PR Bar for lunch

Chicken and broccoli for dinner

Edy’s Light Cookies and Cream for dessert (not pictured because it is embarrassing how much I eat at a sitting ;-P)


In case you couldn’t tell, I just downloaded Pic Stitch and I am having way too much fun with it.

As always, the best part of my day was coming home to AB.


She was super happy and smiling tonight…until I tried to feed her oatmeal again.  She screamed and shook her hands like she does after getting shots…so sad.  Needless to say, she is not liking this whole oatmeal thing.

What do you think?

What was your workout today?

Mom’s out there…when did your baby start eating “food”?  Did he or she take a while to get used to it?

My weekend in pictures!


She loves watching TV.


Time to start eating oatmeal!


Annabelle was not impressed by the oatmeal.  We will keep trying…


Off to Saturday night dinner at Cracker Barrel.


Ready for Sunday Brunch!


Pancakes and french toast with blood orange butter…so good.


Annabelle with Aunt Kim and Uncle Nick!


Sunday afternoon nap…that lasted about 15 minutes :-/.


I hope you are having a great weekend!