Thursday’s Simple Pleasures

Sometimes the little things in life are all you need. 🙂

1.  Going to a morning yoga class. I am lucky to have a husband that is perfectly happy to spend some QT with Annabelle while I go to yoga, run, bike, etc.

2.  Starbucks Venti Iced Soy Chai after yoga class.  This is just water because I drank it before taking the picture, but you get the idea. 😉


3.  Afternoon nap with Annabelle.  I’m really going to miss doing this everyday once I go back to work.


4.  Molly…she is such a sweet dog.  She sits on the ottoman and looks for her friends outside.

003 006

5.  Seeing my dad hold Annabelle.  She has him wrapped around her finger already :).


6.  Opening a few windows and letting in the fresh spring air.

7.  AB asleep in her crib and the O’s game is starting.


My mom, AB, and I are flying to Florida to visit my brother and his family tomorrow.  We are so excited!  Wish us luck for Annabelle’s first plane ride!


What do you think?

What are your simple pleasures today?

Any tips for flying with an infant?

I think I’m ok!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  The pain and discomfort that I was feeling last night was pretty much gone.  I still feel some tenderness, so I am going to be smart and take a break from running for a few days.  Unfortunately, this means that I had to cancel my 25 mile bike and 6 mile run scheduled for tomorrow.  No worries, I will be heading to yoga and then to the gym for cross-training.  🙂


After yoga, I made the mistake of stopping in Target for diapers…I can NEVER leave without spending at least $50 $100.  At least I left with these cute storage items. 🙂


The rest of the day was spent watching the O’s game with Chris and Annabelle


and getting a manicure from my good friend Dawn.  She gives awesome manicures and pedicures at a great price and she is super sweet.

004005 006

I don’t think Dawn wanted Annabelle to leave.



What do you think?

What was your workout today?

Do you paint your own nails or go to a salon?

An evening run…and possible injury.

Today’s schedule was a little thrown off…Chris had a midday meeting and I had to write something for work = I was in my pjs until about 5 p.m.  Even if I do not get dressed, I always dress Annabelle.  I just feel better when she is dressed for the day :).

She loves watching ESPN with daddy in the morning.


My dad came up to visit tonight, so I went for a run while he and AB hung out.  I am very lucky to have parents that are more than happy to spend some QT with their granddaughter.

It was a gorgeous night for a run.  I did 7 miles in a little under an hour.


I felt great while running, but once I got home and showered I started feeling some pain in my left inner thigh area.  I really hope that it’s nothing serious and that I can stretch it out in yoga tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I picked up Subway for dinner and as I was walking out, I saw a man that looked exactly like Jared (the guy that lost all that weight eating Subway) walking in.  I really wanted to get a picture, but there was no way to take one without looking like a total creeper.


As promised, here are AB’s new shoes.  Raven’s colors = added bonus 🙂


I also bought her these for summer…the Carter’s outlet is my new favorite store.




What do you think?

Do you prefer to run/workout at a certain time of day?

Shopping – love it or dread it?

Enjoying every moment.

Two weeks from today will be my first day back to work…since January 11th.  I am trying to enjoy every minute of these last two weeks…I am so not ready to be away from this smiling face all day long.


We had a lazy morning just hanging out.  Annabelle is always so happy in the mornings. 🙂  Chris and AB dropped me off at yoga class and they went shopping.  I unfortunately didn’t receive any presents… For some reason, Chris sets off the alarms every time he walks into stores…it is really strange.  I drove home and he enjoyed a nap in the car…LOL.  I’m sure he is going to love this picture.


When we got home we tried taking a little nap, but Annabelle was all about laughing and playing in her rainforest.  She also enjoyed some hanging with daddy time.

005 006


I bought new Reebok’s at the outlets yesterday, so I was excited to hit the gym and try them out.  I also bought Annabelle the most adorable pair of infant Reebok’s…they are in her room and she is sleeping so I will post a picture tomorrow. 🙂


I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 3500 meters on the rowing machine and headed home to eat dinner and rock Annabelle to sleep.  She was in her crib by 9 pm and will hopefully sleep until 5 or 6.  🙂


Tomorrow is a long run day!  My half marathon is in about 5 weeks!

What do you think?

How many pairs of running/training shoes do you have?

Are you running tomorrow?

An awesome wedding overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.

Yesterday morning while I packed  and got things ready for our night away (we spent the night in Annapolis for my dear friend Gina’s wedding), Annabelle tired herself out in the rainforest.


I ate breakfast (flax waffle with almond butter, bananas, and blueberries) and headed to the gym for a quick workout.  I did 40 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the stair climber, 50 pushups, and 50 crunches.


I dressed Annabelle in an outfit that would make her Granses happy.  It was really hard to leave her for the night…but it was fun to spend time with Chris and some great friends.



Gina and Chad’s wedding was absolutely wonderful!

Beautiful setting!

009 023

Awesome food!

021 024

The most beautiful bride and handsome groom!  Gina is such a great person and an awesome runner and I am so glad she found the love of her life!  Congrats Gina and Chad!

014 017 028 029

We had an awesome time.  🙂


What do you think?

Have you attended any weddings lately?

Do you hit the dance floor?


A week of workouts.

Please check out Erica Sara Design’s Boston Strong necklace.  During the month of April, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the victims and their families.

Baltimore peeps, Charm City Run is hosting a Run for Boston on Monday, April 22nd at 6:30.  Check the website for locations.


Last Sunday, I ran a 10k and finished in about 52 minutes.  It was a very pretty day and a fun run.

004 005

After the run, Frank and I hit the bikes for a 15 mile ride.  This was my first time on a bike in a long time and it took me a little while to get comfortable.  Those skinny tires on road bikes make me so nervous!


Sunday was also my mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!

011 008


After Sunday’s activities, Monday was a much needed yoga day.



Tuesday was a gym day…30 minutes elliptical, 3000 meter row, 10 minutes on stair climber.


Wednesday, YOGA!


Thursday was another gym day…40 minutes elliptical, 2000 meter row, abs


Friday was a great workout!  25 mile bike and 6 mile run 🙂  Frank is training for an Olympic distance triathlon so I tagged along.



I ate fro yo 3 times this week…it’s getting out of hand.



Here are some pictures of Annabelle…just because 🙂

001 007 009


Tomorrow is an exciting day…one of my dearest running friends is getting married!  I can’t wait to help her celebrate her big day :).

What do you think?

Did you try a new workout this week?

Fro yo or ice cream?


Such a sad day…

I have been struggling with what to say at a time like this.  All I know is that I am praying for the victims and their families and for everybody else that was affected by this tragedy.  Running the Boston Marathon is any runners dream come true…and the families and friends that come out to support the runners and the countless volunteers and medical staff that help out are all part of making that dream come true.  In a few seconds this day, which is usually full of accomplishment and joy, turned into panic, fear, and tragedy.  I just can’t even imagine what it must have been like to be there…my thoughts are with Boston.

To show support for the victims and their families, I participated in Race Shirt Tuesday and wore my 10k shirt from this past weekend.


While still in shock watching the coverage yesterday, I looked down and saw Annabelle just smiling away.  My first thought was, “how could she be laughing at a time like this?”  But then of course I realized that at only 3 months old she knows nothing about hate or evil in this world and she is truly innocent…really amazing when you think about.

I’m definitely counting my blessings tonight.


Wine Tasting and Race Prep…great combination!

I woke up this morning prepared to hit the gym for some cross-training, but me and my legs were feeling pretty tired.  So instead of going to the gym, my mom, AB, and I enjoyed some time at Starbucks.  I’m hoping this rest day will help me move a little quicker during tomorrow’s 10k.  🙂



In the afternoon, I went to a wine tasting with a group of girlfriends at Woodhall Winery.

018 017

Since I was the designated driver I only sampled two of the sweeter wines, but the other ladies had a great time sampling all of the wines offered.  It was a fun afternoon spent with great company!  Thanks Jen!


The 10k race starts tomorrow morning at 8:15 and since I have to get myself up and ready and make sure AB is happy and get her in the car and to my mom’s house and the race is about an hour from my house, I got everything ready tonight.  I am exhausted already…


Shoes, socks, long sleeve shirt, tank top, sports bra, running skirt, suntan lotion, and breakfast…and the Garmin is charging.  No I will not be wearing a helmet while running…Frank and I are going on a 25 mile bike ride after the race :).


Now that Annabelle is 3 months old, she has started to love looking at the TV.  If we tried to turn her away from the O’s game tonight, she was not a happy baby.  She also enjoys watching Wipeout…but who doesn’t?


I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend!

What do you think?

Do you like wine?  Red or white?

Do you get everything ready the night before a race?


Fun Things Friday! OK, it is technically Saturday…

1.  I enjoyed an awesome 7 miles on the trail yesterday morning…everyone I passed said hello and I met a very nice man training for the San Diego half marathon.

2.  Yesterday I had lunch with Nakiya and her adorable baby boy.   Annabelle and Adam’s first date.   🙂


3.  I went to yoga 4 times this week and it felt great.


4. I went to lunch with a friend from work today. Miss you Marissa!  I surprisingly found a healthy meal at California Pizza Kitchen…grilled chicken with roasted vegetables, it was really good.  Annabelle enjoyed the crayons they gave her. LOL.

009 010

5.  I’m running a 10k with Frank on Sunday morning.  Sunday is also my Mom’s birthday!


6.  Annabelle is 3 months old tomorrow today!  I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since she was born!


7.  Spring nail polish…and baby feet 🙂


Have a great Saturday everyone!

What do you think?

Do you have a race this weekend?

When was your last pedicure?

Last week 🙂

90 degree weather = Fro Yo!

Today was a hot one.  It’s almost 10 p.m. and it is still 82 degrees outside…and 87 degrees on the 3rd floor of my house.  I am in no way complaining, I am so ready for summer :).  I run much better when I can feel my feet and hands.

Since I had a nice run last night, I decided to just do yoga today…I think I may have finally gotten the idea to not run everyday which leads to over training which leads to injury.  It felt extra warm in the room today and I cannot seem to quench my thirst.

Annabelle is pretty happy to finally be able to show off her arms and legs now that the weather has turned…and it is way too hot in our house to wear pants.  Look at that stomach… 🙂


I didn’t feel like cooking, so my mom and I decided to get Panera Bread for dinner.  I had a pick two with the Spinach Power Salad and a new sandwich that had turkey, white cheddar, onions, and apples.  BTW,  If you’ve never had the iced green tea at Panera, please try it.


Annabelle was just happy to be in some AC.


I have been doing really well with avoiding dessert this past week, but tonight I just couldn’t do it.  Sweet Frog was calling my name and I enjoyed every bit of this baby.  I stick with the healthy toppings…mini chocolate chips, mini oreos, and rainbow sprinkles.


What do you think?

Are you a dessert person?

When was the last time you had fro yo?