Getting to know me: We are having a baby! – Part 1

We found out that we were pregnant last May right before Memorial Day.  Chris was at work when I found out, so it was a very long few hours waiting for him to get home.  This was certaintly not news to share over the phone :).  It was an amazing day and we were thrilled beyond belief.

At 8 weeks I went for the first sonogram.  Since I couldn’t see her (no baby bump) or feel her at this point, it was such a relief to see that she was there and to see her little heartbeat on the screen.

iPhone Pictures 009

At my 12 week appointment, we heard the heartbeat for the first time.  I could not help but tear up when I heard how strong and fast it was and I was so amazed that I was growing a baby inside of me!

This picture was at 13 weeks and was taken on our family beach vacation.  At that time I thought that I was REALLY showing and I couldn’t stand when people said, “you don’t even look pregnant.”  Looking back on it, they were right!  Chris is laying on the bed in the background and I’m sure he was annoyed at how long I was taking to get ready to go out for dinner ;-).

iPhone Pictures 010

17 1/2 weeks.  This was the first of several pictures I took in the bathroom at work.  People joked about taking pictures in the mirror, but I thought everybody did this?  Am I wrong???  I was wearing spandex on this day and decided that there was no need to wear any other type of pants…ever again.

21 weeks.  I have to point out that the I am wearing the spandex again…and in the bathroom again.

23 weeks.  Ok, so this is another bathroom picture but at least it as at home.  Oh look at that, the spandex again!  I really did not wear them everyday but I guess they became my picture taking pants.  I took this as we were leaving for a beach weekend to celebrate Chris’ 30th birthday.

iPhone Pictures 070

Here is a picture from that weekend.  We watched the Oriole’s who were on their way to the playoffs!  I apologize for even posting this…it is really a terrible picture.

iPhone Pictures 072

34 weeks.  Even though it looks like the famous spandex again, I was actually being stylish and wearing my Heidi Klum maternity skinny jeans.  Chris and I were headed to our holiday dinner with our friends Matt and Kirstyn.  I wish I had a picture of what they wore to dinner…Kirstyn was in an ugly Christmas vest that she decorated herself and Matt was in one of his mom’s tunic length ugly Christmas sweaters.

iPhone Pictures 146

35 week.  This picture was taken on Christmas Eve.  We had family dinner at our house and I completely forgot to get a picture of me and Chris together.  Therefore, I had Chris take my picture in front of our tiny tree.

iPhone Pictures 150

37 weeks (4 days before delivery).  I actually had my coworker Kelly take this picture.  I admit that I did take the bathroom shot before asking her to take this one.  This dress is not a maternity dress but I thought it worked perfectly…over spandex.  I absolutely did not think I would give birth within a few days of this!

iPhone Pictures 180

Stay tuned for Part 2, the birth story!


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